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Professional Opinion: Foreign exchange Vary Bar PRO ™ (July 8, 2015)


good day everybody and welcome to different markets webinar as we speak is 802 I 2015 my title is Dan at and I will likely be presenting you foreign exchange vary bar crow proprietary methodology which I’ve created and we’ll see some new opponents of overseas CH 4x vary bars professional I hope that you’ve got obtain all the indications and that you’ve got the indications I’ll clarify how one can set up it in your mt4 and if you do not have the template i’ll ship you when you ship me your e mail so i can ship you again okay foreign exchange vary bars professional is my proprietary methodology which i’ve been utilizing again in time to sculpt so you’ll be able to take a look at it it makes use of organized components so there are not any time frames as a result of vary bars are usually not time for unbiased and we will see some new equipment or Foreign exchange vary bar professional on this market situations so let’s begin first with the missus Kramer then we will proceed the primary a part of reeses claimer explaining that on-line training supplies can be found your markets as Estonia and to collect info on charting and all different particulars you’ll be able to go to beneath market world the selector nation and content material the entity which is acceptable on your nation breeze exposures take property and setting all attainable is related foreign exchange market by accepting the chance you are additionally continuing additional with me and the third a part of furries disclaimer saying that this evaluation is my private opinion it is not the precise suggestion for a commerce and these are mainly my opinions not a number of case opinions and determine is world use.com web site and this fabulous for informational academic objective okay so we will proceed sir vary bars introduction benefit of utilizing vary bands and dwell chat examples I do know that lots of you may have stumbled in some difficulties concerning set up these vary components so i’ll use a dwell chart to indicate you set up it okay so let’s examine I’ll open my dwell chart okay now Caroline is asking what’s the position of the timeframe choice after we apply vary bars on the chart there is no such thing as a timeframe okay i’ll clarify it simply let me let me pause the display screen open open it i’ll open it straight away guys and we’ll present you okay so that is it guys you’ll be able to see my display screen is mainly the template of 14 straight bars professional and i’ll present you set up it okay now initially you might want to open one minute one minute timeframe okay this is essential for you so listen please one minute timeframe okay okay and now you pull as fixed vary bars which is present in your script okay folder so set up it in script folder simply listen now you may have your s focus bar script go to file then open knowledge folder then you will note this window you then go to m ql scripts after which proper click on and paste when you do this this vary bars script will likely be utilized to your scripts folder shut this window shut your empty for and restart it okay then after you restart and open your platform once more you will note s fixed vary bars in your scripts folder pull your focus however like this press left mouse button click on on s focus bars and pull it over to your m1 chart it is essential to have em one as a result of the offline chart will learn the data from this customary timeframe char okay okay do you are feeling me guys are you able to verify that you would be able to hear me I see that there is no such thing as a audio however confirmed that you would be able to hear me okay okay a sound is nice at Gwadar oh there was a message that i misplaced the audio guide I see that it is all the things is okay so guys that is necessary okay now that is why why you are asking karellen i feel i feel the catalan requested me what’s the position of this regular time Fred chart okay no sound once more I do not know why no sound let me see no sound once more okay how is the wrecks out are you able to hear me guys are okay let’s examine the audio okay all of your issues okay i’ll attempt to okay sound sound take a look at testing okay I do not know the place there’s a sound drawback let’s examine mm-hmm okay okay okay sound issues let’s let’s wait guys please Lacey sound issues okay okay to listen to me okay okay okay nonetheless mouse up okay i’ll restart okay no sound okay testing testing testing testing do you hear me now okay okay okay a sound drawback sorry oh wait okay okay okay the published is now beginning all attendees are in listen-only mode can we hear do ya can we get the sound now guys I feel the audio is restored simply confirmed that you would be able to hear me okay okay okay okay okay now nice so we will begin we will yeah thanks thanks guys no sound once more i do not know i feel the sound is okay let’s do yet another fast sound examine okay simply verify that you would be able to hear me okay all good so let’s let’s let’s clarify it once more I do not know why there was some drawback so one thing like mid we would go to to to webinar positively okay so let’s do yet another yet another recap of the way you mainly place your focus half so you might want to left-click fixed vary bars after which drag it to your chart right here like this then you’re going to get a query which bars vary you need to put during which timeframe okay which bars vary and attain timeframe okay so as soon as extra guys fixed vary bars okay right here and also you press sure then the very first thing is you might want to look ahead to bars vary and timeframe okay karen is asking now there’s the timeframe choice I’ll clarify why you employ that timeframe it is used for offline chart so mainly when you put your bars vary 24 as we are going to use it right here then you need to simply put timeframe for to simply discover offline charts okay take note of what I do now this ought to be left as it’s present gaps falls threat purpose for 5 digit dealer by way of okay then after you end with these guys okay you press okay okay if wish to put 10 bars vary you then put timeframe of 10 okay sure as a result of it is simpler so that you can discover it does not have any large objective you simply simpler so that you can discover timeframe on offline charts okay so we are going to use 4 and 4 when you for instance you might want to put 12 you’ll put 12 bars vary and felt at the timeframe you then press okay and after you probably did that okay you need to go to your file open offline okay open offline then after you do this okay you need to scroll by way of this window okay by way of this window so we have to discover euro greenback m4 as a result of there’s out of line chart that is euro greenback m4 okay we have now it right here so subsequent subsequent what we do is for instance you go right here open euro greenback clean chart you then go to you do not want to do this however simply to see the distinction okay and if you would like for instance different pair greenback yen say go to everybody go to fixed vary bars and apply the identical factor for 4 so now you’ll be able to apply your route / and greenback yen foreign exchange vary bars subsequent factor you do is go to file okay open offline euro greenback m4k euro greenback m4 is right here simply above and go to template F R B and you’ll have the template and also you’re offline charts okay so that’s the way you apply it guys okay that’s the way you apply it it is nothing nothing exhausting it is easy and that ought to be achieved be immediately so it’s extremely very very very the platform of different markets may be very excellent contemplating that some flights different platform planters get member leakage and these charts are gradual this isn’t immediately no gradual no slowing no freezing time no matter you see it goes very very quick okay so these are offline charts and people are value delicate so there is no such thing as a time framing bolt neglect about time frames whenever you cope with Draco and vary components okay there are not any time frames okay no time frames do not forget that at all times okay now what you do is okay now kill him sure he is saying that there are numerous tutorials that is very simple and it is easy simple actually without end I’ve confirmed you so this webinar is recorded it is going to be appalling and nonetheless when you’re undecided do it you’ll be able to watch this once more so after we did that okay now we have to transfer on to our setups okay vary bars will develop in mid 90s by dealer title is santanico Ellis he needed to elucidate volatility to take advantage of volatility to his benefit the most important benefit of utilizing vary bars is mainly that they don’t have any timeframe impact they remove noise okay when volatility excessive extra bars you will be printed out when volatility is low Elias bars you will be printed out and vary bars is totally completely different dimension it is similar to rank Zero however we use weeks okay the rank Zero doesn’t use weeks we use weeks and vary bars and it is completely different dimension so completely different from value motion indicator coaching harmonics indicator base no matter so that is completely different dimension okay so every vary bar should have a excessive low vary it equals the desired vary okay okay every vary bar should open outdoors excessive low vary of the earlier bar and every vary bars shut at both its automotive gradual okay now the Kelly Kelly me saying ranko keV it is the most recent variations properly actual rankle doesn’t hear beaks I do know that there are some merchants from Greece which mixed shaking as she I feel with rank or one thing like that however I do not do this as a result of the actual orenco doesn’t have week okay actual Renko doesn’t get large perhaps some merchants mix different issues that skate kanosh your ankles I do not do this i take advantage of cakin as she as a unit kk she is already a value filter so i do not see the purpose in utilizing shaken as she and the raincoat collectively as a result of shaking as she can also be filtering noise rank can also be filtering noise or vary bar no matter so I do not combine it okay actual Renko doesn’t right here weeks vary bars do have it okay so that’s that’s the fundamental distinction additionally what I wish to say is a guys we will use 10p powers or 25p bars of 5 individuals now the distinction is if you wish to use a if you wish to use intraday scalping then you might want to have hope pip come on on a lease vary bars i often use for however you may as well attempt to use as to it relies upon which of a type of account you employ for scalping i like to recommend opening Admiral sorry Admiral mark it is easy an account okay as a result of with out your market CCN the unfold may be very very properly and you’ll scout actually actually bit low unfold or when you’ve got different marquee customary account you then simply must have a low unfold and that’s achievable by taking measures within the guts most of these I I used for euro greenback scalp okay so foreign exchange vary bars have been principally used for euro {dollars} cup okay you’ll be able to attempt to see how different pairs work however often could yours will work greatest okay main pairs okay and the unfold is readable so for instance we will do stand persons are 25 persons are relying on which type of which type of coaching we wish to apply if you wish to go along with dream coaching we will certainly use increased pit depend okay vary bars on this template have been filtered to make use of hope it depend and once more I must say they’re meant for scalping functions guys okay don’t forget it that is only for instance when you use 10p field that you simply breathe out new bar each time the value strikes 10 pips up or down so these are 10 individuals aged bars so each time the value strikes 10 pips up or down it’s going to deliver a brand new bar okay so the most important benefit of utilizing vary bars it is it volatility gates volatility now the factor is everytime you need guys to make use of and and also you to make use of vary bars and also you for instance shut your charts you might want to reapply focus components to not neglect about for instance if I shut this now and I open it once more I must reapply fixed vary bars once more okay I I shut it now I’ll reopen it okay so I want to indicate you the way I do it as a result of in addition they must be reapply they are going to cease working when platform is claw shut guys don’t forget it okay so I can open my platform once more and you’ll see now it is not working it says fixed vary bar cease so you might want to pull it once more okay identical factor 44 okay so fixed vary bar research go to m4 in CES it really works of its every okay so at all times do that don’t neglect about and essential factor is that it prints out every varieties of volatility is used gamble flooring is requested what settings we stored use for web there is no such thing as a intraday in the meanwhile however i’ll attempt to discover out template often for intraday settings there ought to be different issues thought-about equivalent to 8-yard when i discover out the perfect settings i’ll do a webinar apply it to intraday i’m very near I am very near doing that and that might be a brand new free technique so that you can use vary bars intraday buying and selling at this level i solely use it for scalping so i’ll present you sculpt with it okay sure nikos is asking coaching should be on certainly auto buying and selling should be on okay okay kelly saying he doesn’t must reapply properly i at all times must reapply so i do not know and all of the coaching ought to be on certainly this ought to be on don’t forget about it so let’s transfer on there is no such thing as a noise guys it is simpler to identify patterns the value fully negates the motion of time frames and lens in comparison with charts the query is not helpful for day dealer okay kossuth is asking it is helpful just for scalping functions okay on the level at this level however when i make foreign exchange vary bars intraday then to be helpful for intraday buying and selling at this level guys solely scalping allowed okay so scalpers listen intraday merchants it is not for you that is for scalpers however when i do intraday foreign exchange vary bars in as we speak i’ll current it and I am very near discovering the perfect the MAS and the perfect settings for vary bars and I am very near doing that I feel it is going to be achieved in September so keep tuned keep tuned okay now the query what’s using 12 months coaching on what it stored us if it is off properly when you when you do that it is going to be stopped okay so yeah perhaps for this instance you needn’t use as a result of these are that is the script okay that is the script I feel it ought to work or sure it ought to work however when you’ve got professional advisor then you might want to press auto coaching’ god in my instance I at all times use on autotrader God so for professional advisors it is used as auto coaching’ okay whenever you apply script you’ll be able to depart all of it however i at all times use auto buying and selling as a result of there are some scripts which use professional recommendation as an alternative of as an alternative of pure screams okay so there are some for instance if you wish to use both a market supreme version auto coaching’ ought to be on okay or some other professional recommendation okay so that you see there’s additionally vary bars the professional advisor so you’ll be able to put it right here additionally as professional advisor after which you ought to be on okay that is professional advisor okay so i may also ship you vary bar professional advisor if you would like it you simply must ship me e mail however do not forget that auto coaching’ ought to be on in that case okay so both fixed vary bars or vary bars professional advisor if you do not have it i can gladly ship it to you okay so there is no such thing as a noise it is simpler to identify patterns the value fully negates the second of time frames so let’s evaluate to cost these are the examples 5-minute chart and 5 minute chart for for Pete vary bar chart which is mainly the precise mirror of 5 minute chart for pip vary however you need to apply to m5 okay so that is it you’ll be able to see how the noise has invoice filtered out okay numerous noise has been filtered out from the job so that’s the greatest benefit of utilizing vary bars okay and I already advised you that that is my private methodology so subsequent time i’ll do intraday setup so simply use it as it’s okay so that is the slide if you’re undecided set up the indicator simply slap shot the display screen however I’ve already defined it the purpose is that forest rangers professional is a really efficient medical coaching vary bars okay filter out the noise so we will use power we will use breakout prepared okay so we will do trenway arrange particular version mother and father up for downward correction waves breakout patterns and counter pattern mother and father all this stuff could be achieved with Foreign exchange vary bars however take note of I repeat it once more that is that is strictly for scalpers not for intraday buying and selling okay so two MA is for 4820 ought to be utilized in 4 three bars return with the principle pattern when blue EMA is about prepared made it implies that we will enter pattern pay setups okay Trent based mostly setups see efficiency when blue e mail is above prepared MA now magdy ought to be beneath zero line when it is beneath zero line we must always see throughout from crimson to inexperienced beneath zero line to take an excellent bullish setup okay so that you see I’ve already identified a consolidation section that is consolidation okay so that is guys consolidation you’ll be able to see it right here on the backside of this display screen how vary bars are transferring up down up down up down that is known as bullish consolidation as a result of after this consolidation we obtained a single to go on and also you see it was an excellent that is now one thing good friend it is not consolidation that is deep retracement however you see how vary bars have filtered out the noise providing you with one other good setup okay so you’ll be able to snap shot all of those screens so if each TMA’s are aligned with a for Magnus sign to go on the particular magnesia line comes with many goes beneath the zero line then crosses inexperienced gentle from beneath that is the way it ought to be seen in your Magdy now the necessary factor is that make it must go shut your wine after which crosses inexperienced sign okay guys when you do not care the indicator made it to lie or make thee which is used for this template ship me an e mail requesting for change playing cards prob I gives you a whole folder with indicators and and script you may as well ask earlier than professional advisor i gives you so whenever you see that crimson line is beneath the zero line then it crosses the temple line is inexperienced it is your entry level okay okay sure if the value is between the amazed and commenced a sign from AG d you’ll be able to enter as on this instance right here so it is didi per instance that is deeper retraced nevertheless it’s good instance magni shouldn’t be customary setting it is a 16-5 okay guys it is not customary setting on Meg d I hear it on my template so guys if you do not have it simply ask me it is not customary setting on Meg d okay it is a 16-5 setting okay 8 16 5 okay see the promoting okay that is the setting course to filter out dangerous trades and that is probably the most optimum settings don’t over commerce nevertheless as a result of it it is not generally the sign is okay however then after three or 4 pips you’ll be able to it may well hit your cease loss so don’t over commerce it man as quickly is providing you with’re giving me your e mail okay please simply ship me an e mail i’ll ship you did not care i can not write your e mail at this level okay and i’ll overview it simply am your e mail guys don’t forget about it okay i’ll overview them okay and ship you all the things contemplating for an odd half from sure okay sure caroling i’ll overview your trades do not okay 2 do not I did not neglect so don’t fret so guys whenever you see that inexperienced why is above zero make the road and it crosses crew blue line as a crimson line right here it is your entry level for brief okay simply watch this display screen and it is easy so that you see once more consolidation however this time a crimson is above loop when crimson is about blue it is clear that you need to enter brief straight okay brief charge you acquired a brief sign and make these ought to be above zero line for shorty and also you see it Financial institution it went down okay it went down consolidation one other crimson quiet down consolidate no that is up for corrective a setup okay i’ll clarify what it means one other good Zero consolidation one other good see consolidation one other good Zero so to this point when you’ve got been following me we had setups on consolidation and upward corrective babes okay so that is consolidation sample okay whenever you see this sample okay that this can be a consolidation so when this occurs you see you simply anticipate Magda sign consolidation consolidation you anticipate make the sign to go brief in these two examples now that is upward downward in phosphate okay guys please don’t ship me your your emails on the chat window my e mail is tarantula FX @ gmail.com and please use this e mail can use this e mail to ship me all your requests for templates okay tarantula repair at gmail com so ship me your e mail asking for a FR be professional please okay okay so remember about it don’t write your emails now simply ship me your your e mail on my e mail tarantula repair @ gmail.com and that i’ll ship you the template so let’s get again to evan up or down or impulse manner these are impulse waves whenever you see a correction you might want to anticipate the sign and this webinar is recorded so you’ll be able to watch it once more so that is you might want to wait for brief see not right here right here additionally you might want to wait for brief sign brief sign brief Zero these are all impulse waves so what are impulse waves impulse manner displaying sturdy trending markets so it’s not consolidation that is consolidation after consolidation there’s an impulse so that is impulse that is downtrend value makes the belief in a single path then pull backs not about earlier type of pattern on this on this okay on this event it might be dangerous if it broke this prime so these are all professional prompts so on Foreign exchange vary first probe tries pullbacks often to blue ma or barely above however not breaking earlier man so it may well additionally pull right here you’ll be able to see however not breaking this man okay so bullish singles Barry alerts so these are impulse waves okay okay these are so known as impulse waves okay now breakout Paris guys listen we have to determine least double bottoms for brief get away or double tops for lengthy break outs we commerce solely within the pattern path so crimson is a bubble we have now get away sample it is known as congestion space okay that is congestion space so you might want to determine congestion areas double tops or bottoms eventually decrease form very for the cable to interrupt out and shut beneath the market backside okay take a look at these guys that is congestion space it’s extremely clear when you see this this kennel has damaged by way of congestion space in downtrend so that you solely must take brief trades as a result of crimson is a bubble and that is confirmed by magdy on this instance right here magdy was crimson it crossed proper right here okay and it went down so that is breakout arrange okay breakout arrange counter pattern / draw significance upon a sister lives ranges i take advantage of standard digital camera search for m or w CC bottoms draw a pattern line and also you go along with pattern line break okay you go along with pattern line break okay okay so deep however I’d advise you guys that you simply follow breakout and grandparents consolidation and up for downward in submit race as a result of counter pattern on this market situations have develop into a harmful okay you hunt down the costs going up it is taking place so I counsel you solely to take pattern trades we are going to depart counter-trend mother and father when Greece scenario and euro greenback houses slightly bit so we is not going to be mentioning counter pattern as we speak solely pattern and get away okay so goal and stop-loss minimal TP is a peeps apply it to majors most Bureau greenback we go along with subsequent significance for this degree you should use Camarilla / is managed to commerce by your self for utilizing coaching cease and this method is efficient it is not mechanical it means you can’t take each single sign when you earn cash as we speak go away out of your pc don’t over commerce okay don’t over commerce now let’s examine the way it behaves guys let’s examine the way it behaves for instance let’s research the previous right here guys on euro greenback we will see nice bullish setups okay that is your first arrange okay it crosses inexperienced right here okay and that is your entry you’ll be able to add for instance can rely if you would like i’ll use it a spirit level however let’s examine now historic as a result of i want historic okay pivot level right here okay let’s examine if it exhibits up okay indicators listing pute i’ll put historical past by way of okay right here p 1 factors okay yeah that is tenting so you might want to share extra of threat so on this instance our cease loss can be positioned couple of peeps beneath this candle okay so cease loss ought to be positioned someplace round right here so the legislation of this Colonel is 99 so 96 or 95 for instance three pips beneath and your entry is right here okay so after eight peeps you employ your prepare cease so this commerce may have been good for you see it is good for 50 pips and much more okay that is your second entry right here so cease pause beneath this candle and also you take a look at this okay okay one other entry right here so when you get three winners for at the present time exit guys don’t commerce you needn’t commerce you needn’t over commerce guys okay one other winner right here after which that is the entry right here at this value okay cease was beneath this decrease again properly Carolyn it does not matter the colonel is asking what care placement cease cease loss is greater than eight peeps in fact it is greater than a peeps then you might want to use your threat it does not matter how large your cease loss is so long as your threat is mounted when you use two p.c of the chance you then’re lot measurement shouldn’t be the identical for 50 pit cease loss or 10 pit cease loss the merchants often neglect the first rule for buying and selling it is not about cease loss it is about your threat your threat is at all times for instance one p.c you simply must calculate I already gave you the cash administration calculator so you might want to calculate how a lot of the load measurement ought to match into for instance 20 peep the cease loss when you’ve got one p.c of a threat so your threat is at all times mounted it is not your cease loss for instance on 20 pips prime was you should use 0.5 wats however when you it is for instance one p.c of threat however when you use 10 peeps prime was okay you then on for instance on the identical account then you might want to modify your entry it is not 0.5 when you use hundred pips prime phrases that you’d most likely use 0.1 proper as a result of the chance is at all times the identical and on this system win ratio is larger than cease loss ratio okay win loss is larger winter loss ratio the system is larger okay so that you simply must apply it I often did listing as this if I get three profitable trades I ended buying and selling for that day okay okay so let’s examine yet another instance so that is the instance when cease plus cos large hit okay that is the instance when cease loss has large hit this was a sign to go brief and your cease loss is right here so mainly however you’ll most likely not it is solely 12 pitch cease loss okay so it is not dangerous in any respect however this can be a good sign once more and stops will at all times occur guys there is no such thing as a system which can provide you hundred p.c imply to us ratio okay that is one other good commerce and one other good commerce right here okay okay Carolyn I’ll overview your trades okay so that you see now let’s discover if there’s any breakout commerce these are all commerce setups okay that is okay all transit ups downward impulse manner correction so this can be a correction one other correction one other correction okay this can be a kind of consolidation okay kind of consolidation let’s examine breakout arrange this was one other consolidation arrange okay yeah this could have been an excellent setup on get away however there was no breakout okay as a result of we wanted this scale to shut globe so no good breakout arrange and you’ll search our vary bart has filtered this breakout as a result of this was bullish it was not shut it did not shut beneath this log right here so one other good filter from from a variety bar okay see this could have been an excellent get away if it occurred you see how but guys when you’re when you’ve got three profitable trades cease coaching for that day okay why would you commerce when you already made some cash okay if you’re in uptrend you do not take brief place you at all times go be the pattern and often guys as much as this cross I name it X cross the primary commerce is at all times probably the most worthwhile as a result of that is this was the one bear in mind X cross this was the sign that the commerce certainly that the pattern has certainly modified and also you see the primary correction was nice so this was your entry right here and also you see the way it completely follows it okay so that you at all times keep on with the pattern if crimson is above blue its downtrend blue is above learn its uptrend okay consolidation right here see and one other good setup consolidation up up okay this has produce some peeps however then X cross sure Cap’n see after the X cross Ok one other good setup okay yeah that is good instance that is get away now that is clearly due to the hole however that is get away so examine blue double backside right here okay and also you see financial institution between down you see one other breakout arrange right here i’ll take away this strains okay that is your breakout arrange congestion level okay right here right here congestion level you traded down regarded this can be a candle and this candle let’s examine it was confirmed by crimson magdy you see breakout okay congestion breakout okay proper so it is some sound 28 suggestions however when you see that vary bars can not make one other low then you’ll be able to exit a break you even hear it was worthwhile yeah however there was no sign right here sure x cross at all times most worthwhile so the value has already began to make increased lows on this instance so you ought to be conscious when value is making increased lows in downtrend then you need to revise your place okay you need to revise your place since you see right here it was crimson and sure it was sleep it is caught into caught right here and X cross okay right here I am not an excellent setup so guys often three trains are sufficient to make your day so when you’ve got three profitable trades it is good carry alerts right here see so x cross so at all times commerce this primary X cross it is often most worthwhile one okay right here so guys this isn’t difficult for pattern trades watch eggs crosses and upward downward impulse waves get away arrange additionally see consolidation congestion get away to the draw back okay I at all times anticipate Magda affirmation X cross is often consolation by mega tok take a look at this X cross right here the affirmation generally I even don’t anticipate affirmation could be generally since you often that X cross may be very highly effective on the first contact now on the second contact I’d use affirmation okay make these want it for a sign however for X cross generally you might want to spoil it by your self generally it is not wanted however for pattern setups it is at all times it okay for commerce setups it is at all times wanted so value at all times must be conferred by Mac be right here see make the affirmation at all times guys okay right here make d okay and that is additionally account arrange look double backside right here and this woman broke by way of it x cross this can be a take a look at this X cross pattern breakout properly this isn’t a slaughter can solely saying this can be a vary and it might be a scholar in fact it would not be a slaughter since you do not open a number of place you open just one place for instance you open your place right here okay you open your place right here and also you see that there’s a vary okay do you see that there’s a vary what would I do if I open my place right here okay 20 pip cease loss I’ll place my cease loss at 20 p and I would not take any of those trades as a result of I am already able and whenever you’re in place you might want to anticipate the prepare to develop so this isn’t a slaughter carolee you bought it to fallacious your cease loss is right here and also you anticipate this prepare to develop okay first push six peeps okay you do not wish to trigger seven peeps you do not wish to shut it 12 peeps you’ll be able to shut it okay it goes down you might want to handle your journey nevertheless you see match I often path the cease after eight suggestions after rain peeps of revenue i trailed cease okay so you do not take each single guys do not be do not over commerce when you over commerce you’ll develop into stuffed and you are able to do revenge traits don’t do this okay so simply wait on your prepare to develop your enter right here okay the value goes nowhere depart or not it’s don’t open each time when consuming us don’t open your place your previous in your place your place is your one p.c of so do not open one other current place as a result of it’s going to put you in additional accidents than you wish to undergo so it is at all times about threat administration remember it it is not simply how about you drain you are taking the sign it is about your threat administration okay so if the market shouldn’t be good for instance now you are in any respect it is not notably good don’t commerce keep away since you can not commerce each time you open your chart when you see that the market relies on information and rumors take into account enhance in your opinion simply who do one drink per day and you’ll be okay yeah we do you may have a rover to play Unusual automated no I haven’t got a robotic for this technique okay so I am telling you these are new home equipment guys do not do counter prepare set ups as a result of market shouldn’t be fitted to counter pattern do solely pattern and get away and do it most three wins per day when you obtained three wins per day neglect about buying and selling that exact day exit and at all times threat 1% most per commerce okay okay three wins Kelly not weeks I stated three wins portrayed win-win is whenever you get your pips a win okay you see there’s a vary in market and perhaps you open your place right here guys okay and also you see that the market goes nowhere it ranges you see that magdy is about to cross to make X cross what would you do you’ll exit your place at break human since you see the market goes nowhere and there’s X cross what after X cross the primary look xkrash are at all times the perfect setups use it to your benefit x cross right here look use it to your benefit lies x cross financial institution okay look bullish seems to be take a look at the X cross right here X cross and financial institution so X crosses our strongest then we have now consolidations and upward him Pete and upward our impulse waves okay okay okay that is good one that is X cross right here and that is most likely break even or cease loss however I counsel you guys at all times when you made your entry right here are you able to see that the value goes nowhere and that this blue line goes to X cross the crimson line simply shut your traded break right here okay this one is nice okay good for 17 suggestions nevertheless it does not matter when you lose this commerce you’ll be able to at all times go along with textual content cross to compensate for the loss okay take a look at this good seize of the pattern the larger pool bike is the higher the pattern commerce is so guys I hope this helped when you’ve got any questions guys simply write an e mail i’ll ship you foreign exchange vary bars that you simply ship you additionally professional advisor i’m saying you now i am repeating once more three trades per day if there’s most three days three wins per day exit whenever you make three weeks when you for instance wish to commerce this window a standard threat don’t use a couple of p.c of threat use pattern setups and use breakout setups pattern is consolidation up or down work impulse waves and breakouts we do not do counter pattern thanks guys for feedback I want you good night and don’t forget to in fact don’t forget to enroll we had nice nice II every week with our session recaps this was the perfect that ought to be stored in final couple of months I’ll present you the outcomes so join extra diverse or join session recap on monday and that i hope that you simply benefit from the trades the perfect session recap in final couple of months we obtained tons of peeps when you bear in mind our gdp greenback proper charge from session recap be 20 hundred pips in revenue so hope that you simply took some cash guys peeps is cash proper so thanks once more i will likely be right here with you quickly examine in Alice’s examine my twitter okay and naturally i’ll at all times at all times at all times help you and aid you in your buying and selling okay i do not see any query let’s examine if I see any query okay thanks for presentation okay thanks okay guys do not see any questions ha how’s the climate in Croatia the query okay the climate in Croatia is nice i will likely be going there quickly for a trip okay okay and okay caroling ship your screenshots i’ll reply okay and that i see that there are not any questions so guys that is it use this when you’ve got any questions e mail me this common will likely be uploaded and naturally as at all times guys cheers and commerce secure