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Half 2 – Testing Professional Advisors with MetaTrader | Create & Commerce Professional Advisors


Whats up pricey useds! I’m Miroslav Popov andin this video we’ll talk about testing of Professional Advisors with MetaTrader. That is thesecond a part of the video. Within the first video we exported a technique named “My New Technique”as Professional Advisor. You probably have not watched it, please watch it firstly. You’ll find thelink to the earlier prevalence in particular feedback under. OK. We’ve our Professional Advisor andwe will open the backtester of MetaTrader. Now we have now to pick now our Professional thatwe will need to take a look at. In the event you keep in mind our Professional was designed to work on EURUSD market1 5 minutes and I’ll choose now each tick. I hope will probably be probably the most exact methodology.OK. I’ll choose additionally “Visible mode” and I’ll begin the backtester. Now MetaTraderis loading information. It would take a while so I’ll pause the video and we’ll resumewhen the info are prepared.OK. MetaTrader laded the info however the backtester stopped and wesee right here an error message. What’s proven right here? “Can’t load sufficient bars. The Professional needsminimum 329 saloons. Please verify the “Use date” possibility and offered the “From” and “To” dates correctly.”What does that purpose? Our technique wants 329 tables to start out buying and selling however the MetaTrader backtesterloads completely 100 bars while you provoke. Additionally we think about the standard now of the info. It is notgood. We’ve solely closed prices now and we do not have rails. What we have now to do tocontinue our backtest is to pick a 12 months so we have now to make sure that the info is ofgood high quality and likewise we have now a minimal of 329 saloons of information within the backtester however theMetaTrader backtester is gradual.I feel it is good to check not the entire information age buta information units, however some information – for instance in the course of the sequence. What will we havehere? We have to take a look at one cycle of enter. We’ve right here including 4 instances, decreasing theposition, and likewise we have now right here brief entry, including to the brief enter, growing and shutting.Let’s evaluation the mentioned interval now and we’ll presuppose the entire technique manipulates the identical means. Sowe will begin our backtesting from September, eighth. I’ll decide right here “Use date” and 2014, September, eight and for 2 days it is sufficient. I want right here two to a few days of testing.What number of days we have now right here? We open at September, eighth and shutting at 15 th of September. OK.No bother. So I’ll begin the backtest once more. Now the backtester, once more we see the backtesteris operating and we … OK. Let’s examine again in Foreign exchange Technique Builder when the place opens.It opens between 6:30 and seven:00. It’s as a result of we have now right here the bar opening expertise. We don’thave the precise time of entryways. Let’s examine what occurs now! We see that MetaTraderalready opened the positions. And when? We may be discovered within the enter, the backtest report. The firstentry, truly that is the lengthy opening at 6:37. 6:37 – It is precisely between 6:30 and7. After that we have now enters at 7:13 and seven:34. After 7 and after 7:30. Very nice! What’sthe report value now? 1.29386( repeats ), 1.29378. There’s some tiny distinction however this isnot an issue. Really the distinction comes from the totally different backtesting methodology. ForexStrategy Builder works totally different backtesting strategies and the default methodology is pessimisticbut we have now additionally Optimistic, Shortest, Nearest and Random. We’ve differing teaches aboutthat. Then again MetaTrader expends completely one strategy and it’s fastened. So right here the differencecomes from the totally different interpolation of the info and likewise we have now in all probability a littlebit of a distinction out there information and doubtless within the unfold.It is not too essential.We’ll wait to see the closing. Our closing should begin at … proper right here. The strategystarts decreasing the place at, after 20:00 on September, ninth. There’s a while so Iwill pause the video for a second. OK. We’re again and we glance MetaTrader closed ourposition. Let’s examine the Journal. Really it began the short-lived association likewise. What dowe have right here? The coverage is decreasing the place at 20 and 1 minutes. OK. It is okay.The subsequent entryway is after 20:15, 20:39, it is OK, and the place closing is after 21:00.21: 09. Wonderful. Let’s examine the closing value .. 175. What do we have now right here? 175. It is theexact value. After that we have now short-lived enterings. The primary abruptly entry is at 20:09, eh, 01. It is 22:45, 22:45. Verynice and the enter toll is … 437, 437. Precise worth . . We replicate the backtest is goingwell and the consequence will likely be roughly the identical in MetaTrader as in Foreign exchange Technique Builderbacktest. You may cease that.* Rubber duck announce* and let’s examine find out how to do the backtestin MetaTrader5 there’s a small distinction as a result of the backtester is just a little bit totally different.That is the MetaTrader5. We do not have right here a button for opening the backtester however Ican proper click on on the Professional and selection “Take a look at”.The backtester opens and I’ll mount the identical, however right here is .. we have now to selected the “Customized interval”. 2014, September, eighth. That is OK.EURUSD, 15 minutes. OK. Ahead – No. Regular, Each tick. Every thing is OK, visualization, so let’s begin! Right here the backtester opens in a separate window. The backtester is runningand it should begin opening factors however I count on right here to have a much bigger distinction inthe positions as a result of this information is coming from a special server and for positive the datawill be totally different. However anyway, the information have to be comparable. Let’s examine some information! OK, we opened an extended place at 6:37. It is exact, exactly the identical time and we have to see herefour adds-on. Every thing is sweet. Open at 6:30 and 4 adds-on. I perception everythingwill be good with that backtest. That is all for this video. The essential right here is to setthe beginning time. OK, I’ll present you ways the MetaTrader5( backtester) stops when thestarting time shouldn’t be set. Let’s begin MetaTrader5, OK, we’ll see the identical error message hereand additionally within the Journal. “Can’t load sufficient bars !.. ” – the identical message.OK, that is allfor that video! Thanks for watching and see you within the subsequent chapter! Within the subsequent episodewe will talk about Professional choices and buying and selling ..


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