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it’s going to permit the discretion to take the commerce and actually all it’s a must to do the second you see an alert take a look at your grids if it is sensible and there is no information and nothing else to speak we choosing the commerce you are taking the commerce that is the whereabouts of the sweetness wait I’m myself amusing system the final 5 weeks particularly on my favourite setup which is prolonged reversal so I do not need to bore you an excessive amount of myself as a result of Sam is a person who had performed all of this and full credit score to him for doing all this system in all the hassle as a result of going into this and it is taken a very long time to get it to a sure stage is lets me deal with the Sam so Sam gonna take over and thanks guys how’s everybody doing immediately good to see you Sam Shakespeare right here and the way’s the sound guys neglect a superb sound test earlier than we get began thanks money for the introduction welcome to the FIB dealer digital buying and selling assistant webinar I do not need to preserve you guys a very long time immediately I do know it is Friday and we’re simply actually enthusiastic about this launch and we need to current it to you I do know there’s been lots of anticipation we launched the FIB alert about what was about four to six weeks in the past and been getting nice emails from you guys what I have been listening to quite a bit is it has been serving to out particularly for the brand new guys figuring out the patterns of the totally different commerce setups while you’re studying our system now we have a sequence of patterns that you simply need to be taught a sequence of we referred to as commerce setups reversals pattern trades whatnot it’s a must to be taught them they are not troublesome ask anybody that is been with us for just a few months three 4 months beneath their belt and so they perceive the commerce setups it is not that troublesome however while you’re beginning out it may be a bit of bit complicated so this does assist the FIB alert has been serving to lots of the brand new merchants determine these setups and it has been serving to lots of the older merchants simply cut back their total technical evaluation occasions it is a fib alert which was the free model much like the fib dealer which we’ll speak about scans all grid setups and alerts you to when there’s one thing so when you’ve obtained this factor operating on just a few totally different forex pairs you do not have to maintain your eyes glued to the display screen 100% of the time and that was the thought – to scale back that point as as a lot as our grids are already streamlined and you have hours of technical evaluation displayed in every grid this even minimize down the time for an evaluation even heat I see lots of acquainted faces and we should always I imply this webinar is just about closed to solely our our members or our people who have tried this earlier than so in case you are on our checklist you then you bought an invitation to the this webinar so most of you perceive at the least the fundamentals of what these grids are displaying us I do know just a few of us on the webinar immediately are new total they simply obtained on the checklist or looking for it and certain sufficient we’re having this webinar so right here you’re nice guys welcome when you’ve got any questions we’ll go over them largely on the finish with that I’ll go get proper into it I did not intend this to be a coaching webinar so I am not gonna get into the the deep nuts and bolts of this I’ll get into just a few I will present you some a number of the variations between this and the fibular but it surely’s mainly simply to focus on the options and present you what what this factor is what what can it are you aware we might be entering into all of the technical particulars and coaching of it in our future classes which we’ll be speaking about let’s get going the fifth dealer skilled advisor is your digital buying and selling assistant it is the proper automated actual time scalping instrument the fantastic thing about it’s it analyzes the tiger’ time lanes in actual time it is aware of the place each stage is the place each band shade is the place each white zone is the place the l7 the place the packing containers are it is aware of the place each stage is on these grids it is aware of the place there’s clearly in gaps it sees the whole lot on a regular basis and it would not miss something so it has that benefit over our bare eye and our distracted thoughts what it does it provides you an alert when a excessive likelihood commerce setup exists not totally different from the fib alert that is meant to be a guide buying and selling companion okay so it is a companion to your guide buying and selling so while you get an alert the thought is to make use of your data of the grids take a fast peek and ensure the whole lot appears the way in which it ought to if it is a pattern commerce is the chart of that timeframe making these larger highs after which when you settle for that alert that is the place the fib alert will get excited I am sorry the fib dealer will get thrilling when you settle for the alert you’ll be able to actually stroll away from that commerce and so once I say it is a guide buying and selling assistant you simply must be sure that the commerce appears like a excessive likelihood commerce and it ought to most of those alerts you are gonna get you are not even gonna should look but it surely’s a good suggestion to anyway as a result of while you’re studying the setups and also you get an alert for hey this is a 5-minute pattern commerce take a look at the grids when you’re studying what’s a 5-minute pattern commerce it is gonna be textbook you are solely gonna get textbook patterns with these alerts it is going to allow you to to be taught all of the patterns simply by through the use of it each day the rationale I say you’ll be able to stroll away is as a result of it makes use of dynamic entry and exit know-how to handle the commerce so what it is going to do is when you’re in revenue and nothing is banging towards a two or three column highway block perhaps you are up 15 however your your targets round 20 if that is hitting a roadblock and it is not letting it get previous that effectively guess what the FIB traitor is gonna exit that commerce at that roadblock with revenue it is gonna take what the commerce has given you identical to we talked about within the practice room day by day when you’ve up 10 15 pips and also you’re banging up towards a roadblock up towards resistance guess what take the commerce do not do not attempt to break that resistance to get an additional three or 4 pips it is not price shedding what you have obtained so it appears on the grids precisely the way in which we ought to be trying on the grids but it surely does it clearly with excessive self-discipline as a result of it would not have the emotion it really works to a strict algorithm all proper I am simply go over a number of the fast options actual fast and as I am going over a few of these options I will have a pair little fast visible aids like I mentioned I am gonna attempt to preserve it type of brief I do know it is the tip of the week the very first thing clearly is why if we talked about it scans the tire grids in real-time alright that is that is big as a result of that is many of the work proper there so it is aware of what each grid that you have up it is aware of the place each stage is and it is gonna be on the lookout for the setups for you all proper and identifies each main grid sample whether or not it is a pattern commerce whether or not it is a reversal and prolonged reversal a pre-emptive reversal or pre-emptive prolonged reversal it does bounce trades it we even added a pair setups like a 15-minute bounce commerce we have added a pair setups referred to as the the l1 l7 crosses now these are issues we speak about quite a bit however we have got designated commerce setups 5-minute and 15 and 60-minute l1l seven crosses which have been performing excellent excellent alright so each Vall grid patterns that we commerce they’re in there I instructed you about dynamic entry and exit know-how let me discuss a bit of bit about that actual fast for instance say now we have a reversal commerce alert and we take that alert now I am gonna present you a five-minute chart actual fast I am gonna present you what a mainly a a 5-minute reversal appears like this is an RV chart it is a lengthy now most reversal trades now that is solely the 5-minute chart the grid is gonna present you the entire multi timeframe sample however for instance when you take a 5-minute reversal commerce you are going to take a look at that 5-minute chart for for affirmation and that is what it might appear like you’d get the entry sign proper round right here a five-minute reversals when the five-minute is trending in different phrases making on this case decrease lows and decrease highs but when it was going up it might be larger highs and better lows after which as soon as that practice comes pattern is available in and also you see how superbly if so long as you are making low understand that that inexperienced line works as resistance right here as soon as this pattern fails and it breaks above and makes the next excessive and comes again to the 5-minute l1 that is a reversal commerce now dynamic exit know-how what that is gonna do is you’ll be able to determine the place your goal needs to be you’ll be able to determine you need to take this as much as the white zone edge for a goal do you need to take this commerce to the to the far white zone edge or do you need to use the l7 as a goal we all know that that reversal trades usually once they come to an finish guess the place they go to the l7 on this case it might have captured from round 80 for 80 as much as about 80 for 10 about 30 pips on a commerce like that so you’ll be able to decide that the place you need every commerce setups targets to go and we’re gonna maintain particular classes to coach you on the best way to use this accurately let me get my proper this is a property display screen for the fib dealer so let me simply go right down to the reversal commerce settings actual fast and we’re gonna I am not gonna sleep good element however test this out okay this is a you’ll be able to set your flip your dynamic targets and stops on which I like to recommend to do this that is the entire level of this you’ll be able to simply put exhausting stops in however over can time persistently do not work in addition to the dynamic ranges do what you are able to do is first you could have a minimal cease highway block so if it goes towards you and it hits a roadblock and it breaks by that highway block towards you it is gonna take you out of that commerce so it is at all times watching the place the roadblocks are however let me simply present you shortly this is the targets this is all of the targets closed white zone goal far white zone goal you are able to do a 15-minute field which I am unable to present you proper now as a result of I haven’t got the entire reversal commerce grid displaying in the intervening time then this is the l7 goal so if this was true which it mentioned right here this commerce would have netted about 30 pips you simply would have performed it by itself you’d have entered the commerce and walked away and as quickly as that factor hit the l7 you’d have been out of the commerce only one instance of how one can alter this to fit your buying and selling model all proper and that is what mainly the FIB dealer assistant does it is an assistant that can practice your buying and selling model for you mainly you simply inform it what trades to enter and let it go from there now it does not imply you’ll be able to’t commerce it manually and that is that is actually what I counsel to do is while you’re in entrance of your laptop and also you’re buying and selling in your reside session you get an warn you take the alert it enters the commerce watch it commerce it manually you do not have to let it get out for you when you see a superb tackle it go forward get out dynamic entry exit know-how that I simply confirmed you a bit of little bit of the dynamic exit know-how the place it’s going to discover cease losses and targets which might be on the grids keep in mind the grids are at all times altering and shifting in order that’s why exhausting cease stolen precisely working exhausting targets do not precisely work as a result of when the grids are at all times altering resistance is at all times altering so your bodily exhausting stops and targets are actually meaningless with it with the exception that they are good emergency stops and targets the dynamic entry setup you could have an choice while you enter a commerce say we’ll simply preserve it on the R reversal take a look at this candle shut okay that is an choice and candle bypass okay so the candle bypass if that is on false which its on false meaning one click on buying and selling okay so while you get the alert and I’ll present you what an alert appears like this is an alert field alright so while you see one in all these this has occurs to be it was a brief pre-emptive reversal or it is providing you with the bid on this one as a result of it is brief if this was a protracted it might provide the ask okay since you obtained to get in on the bid on a brief commerce after which requested to enter commerce while you say sure when you’ve got candle bypass for that setup on false it is going to enter that commerce one-click instantly as quickly as you say sure it is going to enter that commerce okay when you’ve got candle bypass set to true what it is going to do when you say sure it’s going to await a candle closed and it will be primarily based on this timeframe so when you’ve got it set to a 5-minute candle then this and this set to true then it is going to await a 5 minute candle shut in your route earlier than coming into the commerce mainly we have all been there the place setups look good you enter after which it simply retains going towards you it by no means begins handing over your route when you say sure and you’ve got a candle bypass on true when you stroll away and that commerce by no means strikes in your route and simply retains going towards the commerce won’t ever enter and it will it’s going to and so they gate the thought it’s going to say that commerce is off so there’s one other stage of safety between you and coming into the commerce that is what the candle bypass part is for thus I am not gonna get an excessive amount of into it however simply to let there’s dynamic entry and exit choices so only one characteristic that I am actually enthusiastic about and I believe it is a actually necessary characteristic to this so let me go forward and take away the alert field if we’d like it once more we’ll get to it and I will take away the management panel for the second we’ll proceed on automated lot sizing in reality I will do the following one too as a result of they’re type of associated the automated danger cash administration system now I do not know when you guys have seen the ability of 20 the cash administration webinar that I put up just a few years again that I do know lots of you guys have you ever’ve seen the ability of 20 pips immediately it is a vital webinar and I believe it is an important cash supervisor system it is the cash administration system that I take advantage of it is the way in which I wait my account once I’m buying and selling and it is it is referred to as the ability of 20 as a result of if you will get constant in making 20 pips a day you can also make any any revenue you need and I am not clearly gonna get into the ability of 20 webinar now as a result of it is already on the market you’ll be able to at all times test it out Foreign exchange malibu calm forward-slash 20 pips dot php’ however that could be a cash administration system that the fib dealer is appropriate with so let me go forward and I will deliver this up once more I simply need to be sure to guys can see the whole lot I am placing up right here okay so let me simply double test the visible okay all proper I am gonna go to my energy of 20 settings that right here it’s energy 20 pips a day you could have your energy 20 pips a day setting the way in which I commerce it usually on a guide setting not this okay however the way in which I’ve traded manually earlier than creating this skilled advisor was 20 pips was 2% of my account so if I made 20 pips that day I am making 2% of my account alright I do not need to lose 20 if I lose 20 I lose 2 that is one two one all proper right here you say what you wished to be say say you do not do you suppose 20 pips as 2% is a bit of too dangerous for you you can also make 20 pips solely equal 1% by doing this you write right here the quantity 200 Dutch 20 pips most brokers these days are 5 digit brokers so you bought to place that additional digit it is actually 20.zero with out the decimal so it is simply an additional digit 20 pips is 200 on this setting so I’ve obtained it set to 1% in order that’s gonna open lighter lot sizes so each time I enter a commerce it is gonna calculate the lot measurement primarily based on a 20 pit commerce equaling no matter share you need it to equal so in case you are confused about that simply watch the 20 pips and a webinar it is damaged up into simple chapters and it’s an instruction guide on the best way to use the cash administration settings on this when you perceive the best way to use it it is quite simple after which these two others options progress goal and drawdown so effectively if it reaches 2% it is gonna shut off it is gonna cease buying and selling you have reached your aim I do know if it attracts down 1 1% it’s going to shut off you’ll be able to change these so no matter share you need alright so you don’t need 20 pips a say you need to give this factor room to make so that you’re operating it on a demo account you are seeing it is actually getting simply fairly 40 pips a day then simply make it 40 pips with two your share equals 2% or 1% that approach one commerce unfavorable would not cease it out for the day all proper however we’re gonna speak about all these we’re gonna have technique classes and all these things coming ahead for all of the fibular merchants to to reap the benefits of so as a result of there’s quite a bit to look ahead to so far as the coaching and stuff goes so automated lot sizing and danger cash administration system all included all proper commerce protector protection system that is very key what it does is and you’ll decide this I need to present you shortly the place it is at on the commerce protector put it proper there right here it’s alright so the commerce protector has three settings it is obtained the true and false setting it is obtained the pips transfer and the cease transfer okay true or false simply means do you need to put commerce protector on the 5-minute reversal on this case all proper it is a 15 minute reversal so if you wish to use a commerce protector you say true what this implies is when the worth strikes to constructive eight pips put the cease at +three that is all it’s it is simply while you get your preliminary transfer it strikes your cease for you it was it’s not a trailing cease okay all it does is you’ll be able to say if I get 5 pips I need to transfer it to break-even put zero zero if I get 10 pips if it is a longer-term commerce the place you are making an attempt to get 20 or 30 pips on it say if it will get 10 pips transfer it to plus 2 or three if I get 15 pips transfer it to plus 5 that is the commerce protector okay no following the commerce protector is the trailing cease perform I am gonna present you what that’s right here it’s this is path stops all proper identical three settings a real or false so you do not essentially desire a trailing cease on each setup you then’ve obtained your revenue after which your transfer cease okay now with the commerce shield keep in mind when you moved eight it might transfer this the goal to +three it is a little totally different and you do not have to recollect this now however simply to point out you what it’s that is if it is true when you stand up seven pips it strikes the cease to 2 pips behind you so on this case it’s going to transfer it to plus 5 straight away and each time you progress up a pip if the inventory strikes up a pip so it is going to comply with you so if it shoots up from seven of us seven to plus 18 that cease simply went to plus sixteen after which as quickly because it pulls again a bit of bit it takes you out so it’s going to in that case it’s going to attempt to seize the majority of the transfer you’ll be able to on the larger timeframe trades on a 15-minute pattern we get 15 pips let’s make it 10 pips behind as a result of I need to I need to give it room to breathe so if it provides up 15 it’s going to transfer the cease to plus 5 if it goes as much as 25 it’s going to transfer it to 15 so that you determine the way you need this to be all proper I personally have been getting lots of luck with the tighter stops and getting these fast strikes after which any pullback it has been giving me revenue I have been liking them now excessive impression information launch auto-shutoff it is a fairly cool characteristic I will present it to you I will deliver it up high right here it’s or medium information so this mechanically the information releases for the day you do not have to do something it does it by itself it goes out into the cyber world finds when the information releases are finds what forex they’re associated to finds their impression stage after which it is going to flip off the robotic into relying in your settings so when you’ve got the conceal new shut off the true if there is a excessive impression information launch like non-farm payrolls it is going to shut the the yay off and never commerce okay proper now it shuts off 30 minutes earlier than information and it turns again on 15 minutes after information and so if there’s non-farm payrolls for a greenback then it is going to shut off the ei for all greenback pairs for greenback yen for pound greenback euro greenback however it is going to nonetheless commerce euro yen if there is no greenback in it it is going to nonetheless commerce it okay let me present you one thing actual fast that I am gonna shut this for a second so I can present you one thing take a look at this alright proper now now we have this at present happening there is a hit excessive impression information rulers US greenback it’s College of Michigan shopper confidence buying and selling will resume at 10:10 what time is it now oh it appears prefer it’s uh yep they simply turned all again on simply now I will not say resume it did not will not provide you with no for resume however I see that on my EA is working once more however you’ll be able to see the whole lot with a greenback in it obtained turned off as a result of it was a greenback information launch euro greenback euro greenback greenback yen however euro yen did not get shut off pound greenback obtained shut off all proper however euro yen didn’t in order that’s one other actual superior characteristic there and what else we obtained auto-detects your server dealer time so for these that you’ve the FIB alert and you are like oh man I obtained to go to my brokers web site discover out what my dealer server time is it will do this for you it simply does its nothing big but it surely’s a pleasant little contact additionally I do know you guys love that set up course of for fib alert three in DS an skilled advisor for DLLs they get PC code lots of installs how have you ever guys been liking that every one these recordsdata including to every folder I have been getting emails what folder does this file go into once more can not seem to get it work it at all times works when you contact me as a result of I will get you up and operating in about 5 seconds however it’s an excessive amount of I do know so I’ve modified it round and I’ve put this factor in a single simple set up package deal you may get it you may click on it each file will go to their correct folder you do not have to fret about something after that besides organising your chart templates all proper so we have taken about virtually all of the setup trip of this so it is good and simple click on set up and I believe that lots of people have been utilizing the fibular they’re gonna recognize that thanks John all proper now that is what the fibular did it did scan the products in actual time it did nonetheless determine all the foremost grid patterns there really is just a few additional patterns on this one I imagine see fiddler doesn’t have the dynamic entry and exit know-how it does have the automated lot sizing automated danger cash administration system fiddler doesn’t have the commerce protector protection system doesn’t have trailing stops doesn’t have any information launch and doesn’t have doesn’t detect your dealer server time and up till now didn’t have one-click simple set up however you guys might be joyful to know that it does have one-click simple set up as of immediately shifting ahead so why get it as a result of it is going to allow you to simply determine excessive likelihood commerce setups from the second you begin buying and selling so in case you are one of many merchants that simply discovered about us you are simply studying about us and and certain sufficient on the identical time we’re having this webinar lots of these guys have been buying and selling with us for years so that is one thing they have been ready for for a very long time simply to make their job simpler not that they want it per se however simply to make their job quite a bit simpler and that is an important level money money simply made the purpose that the secret is you’ll be able to customise Euler to commerce primarily based in your guidelines of entry and that’s the key when you’ve got a sure approach of buying and selling these grids as a result of these grids by themselves aren’t a method and I would say this on a regular basis the grids are only a window to the market identical to charts are a window to the market methods are constructed on them identical to methods are constructed on charts so each dealer has their very own method to the grits now we have primary pointers primary patterns however the way in which you commerce these patterns are as much as you you’ll be able to take a bit of bit you’ll be able to see the variations simply within the moderators our moderators every have very totally different kinds of buying and selling the truth that you’ll be able to customise this to solely warn you of trades that suit your standards and never solely that however we’ll commerce it in the way in which that you simply commerce it this grow to be your absolute superb assistant that is aware of precisely what you need when you’re a brand new dealer you’ll be able to see proper off the bat the place the setups are so you could not know what a 5-minute pattern appears like effectively you’ll as soon as you place this in your demo account and I do advocate everybody run this on demo first get an thought of the best way to work it the best way to run it it is a instrument it is a highly effective instrument which additionally means it is a harmful instrument and you actually need to run this factor on demo for at the least 30 days so that you get the texture of it perceive the settings attend just a few grasp lessons which we’re gonna speak about often figuring out excessive likelihood commerce setups from the second you begin buying and selling you may begin studying these setups to you and you may even get in on trades which have a extremely good likelihood of understanding earlier than you even know what you are doing clearly you are gonna do this on a demo account I do not advocate you do that with out figuring out what you are doing as a result of as mentioned earlier than it is a complement to your guide buying and selling so perceive the guide buying and selling is first however you are gonna be taught a lot about these grids by beneath by through the use of this this this an skilled advisor alright so let me carry on shifting you are gonna be capable to analyze and commerce a number of pairs concurrently in actual time with ease okay you are gonna be capable to analyze six pairs directly and keep in mind every every grid is 4 timeframes you are 4 charts while you’re every grid so when you’ve obtained six pairs of issues in 4 it is 24 charts it is it is monitoring in actual time and can warn you the second one thing exhibits up it is simply one other method to say it you are gonna be capable to reap the benefits of the highly effective Tiger time lanes even earlier than you could have fully discovered these easy methods of grid buying and selling so that you’re gonna be taught the methods however that is going to provide you a head begin and that is the fundamental backside line when you’re an skilled dealer it is simply make your job an entire lot simpler this fib dealer that is in all probability probably the most necessary elements I imagine it is going to allow you to persist with a disciplined buying and selling plan it lets you put your guidelines of buying and selling in and it takes care of obeying the foundations for you you do not have to do this half and I already know that that is the toughest half a few disciplined buying and selling plan it is not creating the foundations it is sticking to the foundations so it will allow you to persist with these guidelines by solely providing you with the alerts of the trades you need when you be taught the system and use it together with your guide buying and selling and it will allow you to keep disciplined so it’s going to really improve your guide commerce spice saving hours of technical evaluation I imply you are gonna have you ever’re not gonna actually should do a lot in the way in which of technical evaluation anymore and that is one of many big advantages of this you are gonna be taught the tyre grid buying and selling methods and an accelerated price with this this match dealer ei will allow you to be taught quicker okay as a result of it is like having a bit of laptop digital assistant saying Bing there is a 5 minute pattern being there is a bounce commerce being there is a there is a reversal there’s an prolonged reversal so that you’re you have obtained one thing telling you what the setups are you mix that with okay say say a 5 minute pattern opens up an alert and also you take a look at it and say okay that is what a 5 minute pattern is however simply by its gonna come let you know the whole lot so you then go over to Foreign exchange Malibu calm you go to the 5-minute pattern tag and also you see movies of 5 minute pattern trades and also you watch just a few movies they’re like two three minutes every they’re simply reside trades of that commerce setup and also you find out about that setup since you’re gonna hear me speaking in regards to the setup and coaching you on what it’s each commerce setup I take I attempt to clarify it as finest I can as a result of I do know that it’ll be a recording that somebody later is gonna be capable to go to observe it and be taught we’re making an attempt to assault this factor at each angle for you guys alright and for all of us often because if we get a person dealer on the market profitable that helps that helps our group that helps all of us collectively all of us come up collectively that approach all proper let me go transfer on to the following slide now that is I have been type of holding up I have been alluding to it however that is one thing I am enthusiastic about our weekly masterclass classes these are gonna be obtainable to all FIB dealer subscribers when you determine to leap on checklist for fib dealer ei then we’re gonna maintain weekly masterclass classes that are going to be after the buying and selling classes might be throughout the week someday in all probability like a Tuesday or Thursday within the afternoon New York time in all probability round midday ish we’re gonna do it as soon as every week and everybody’s invited to return that our fifth dealer subscribers okay we’re gonna break down the setups every week we’re gonna give attention to a arrange we’re gonna give attention to one side of the robotic we’re additionally gonna document these grasp class classes and any of our subscribers to the FIB dealer are gonna have entry to that so if you cannot make a session don’t fret we’re gonna put them up and you will not get to ask questions when you do not make it however it is possible for you to to return and watch the grasp class when you want some extra coaching on the FIB dealer I believe I just about instructed you the whole lot with out going by the slide however right here grow to be a fib dealer technician and that is mainly the aim is I do know just a few of you guys are gonna stand out some a few of you guys actually just like the technical entering into the nuts and bolts and dealing with settings and seeing what you are able to do down the highway as soon as we get a crucial mass of individuals utilizing it and understanding we’re gonna have some competitions to see who can flip these items into the very best pip totals grow to be a fib dealer technician you are gonna be taught this factor just like the again of your hand and while you do be taught it just like the again of your hand you are additionally gonna be studying the grids just like the again your hand as a result of to know the best way to program this you are gonna should know the inter workings of the grits in order that’s a profit in order that’s like an added be not simply getting the the the skilled advisor by being a member you are getting actually intense coaching on a weekly foundation and actually each day each time you open it up and use it you are gonna be taught a bit of one thing all proper so that you’re gonna improve your data of the grids precisely what I used to be simply saying and it is free to all FIB dealer subscribers and also you get to entry the grasp class video library so we’re gonna be constructing that beginning subsequent week we’re gonna have our first grasp class for all those that bounce in on this I do not suppose I discussed this the grasp class is with me so you are getting it straight from the supply I’ve I can let you know each inter element of this program as a result of I put each element into it there’s lots of worth there to not point out you are gonna get to commerce with it reside day by day with us the moderators money and people who know the best way to use it but additionally myself who once more programmed it one other profit is you get to commerce aspect by aspect with us utilizing it however let me carry on shortly shifting cuz we’re gonna to the tip after which I obtained a shock too on the finish to point out you guys money would not even know I did this however I obtained a pair issues to point out you all proper so the FIB dealer EA is your digital buying and selling companion you’ll be able to’t ask for a greater digital buying and selling companion as a result of he would not discuss again he does precisely what he is instructed or she and we’ll preserve you disciplined and he is your eye available on the market or she is your eye available on the market however you’ll be able to have all loaded up you understand man I obtained to go to the toilet or the infant’s crying or I need some water or espresso or no matter it’s you bought it coated the market is being watched for you whether or not you have not gotten into commerce and also you need an alert when you hear it whilst you’re out altering that soiled diaper which you can run again and determine if you wish to take that alert or not when you’re already in a commerce and you know the way that’s guys you are in a commerce and one thing occurs one thing comes up and what it what are you to take action if one thing comes up you permit that the fig merchants obtained it coated the FIB dealer will take you out of that commerce not each commerce clearly is worthwhile I imply come on I imply we’re not saying that the whole lot is 1% worthwhile however however the percentages have been superb once we’ve been operating this on the totally automated settings and I am really that is type of shocking to point out you just a few of these on the finish what what this factor has been doing on our testing accounts the fig dealer ei is your cash supervisor it is going to be sure that it’s correctly placing the correct amount of danger on every commerce for you okay you do not have to fret about managing your cash you simply have to inform it what your danger tolerance is and it’ll handle your account he is your technique tester okay you’ll be able to strive totally different stuff out on demo subsequent it is your digital coaching coach so once more it is displaying you what the setups are and what not so that’s the fundamentals of the fifth dealer yeah I do need to present you one thing else right here this is that little display screen we had the alerts now for the reason that alerts the Aussie has given us an thought for a white zone trim that is your terminal right here that is your info heart that is the place the skilled is gonna let you know lots of stuff if it took you out of a commerce and you do not know why look right here it’s going to say hey and it broke beneath the swing low or successful a three-column roadblock or it took you out in revenue or the commerce sample broke down so it modified the goal to 2 plus three and that is a pair issues there’s so many options that actually I could not even get to all of them to be trustworthy with all proper so we’re gonna find out about all that stuff within the grasp class proper now clearly an excessive amount of alright so earlier than I get into what the subscription holds we’re mainly nearly performed guys I need to present you only a couple we have been operating testing and we had some nice outcomes for you guys sadly we we’re at all times we’re making a bit of adjustments right here and there after which we’re retesting and we’re doing stuff and retesting so we have no cohesive long-term assessments but however I do have just a few of this operating on automated mode simply to point out you the way the setups work what automated mode is identical because the FIB dealer but it surely simply would not give the alert first it simply goes forward and enters the commerce okay let me simply shortly present you a few the setups that this factor has been buying and selling now the primary one is the 15-minute pattern I am simply gonna deliver it down that is on a my Foreign exchange account and naturally it is a demo account these are testing in the direction of testing totally different settings okay however you’ll be able to see out of 59 trades and it is lots of trades It is Made 98 pips take a look at our win share about 80 to 83 p.c with these settings now it is a that is an fascinating setting I’ve obtained operating it is I name it the rapid-fire setting it is solely obtained a 5 pip goal however look how briskly these items knock out 5 pips all proper all proper there’s three I am gonna go to the following web page take a look at the p.c growth and I’ve obtained 15 pips up so the danger to reward is in finest three-to-one on this setting however look take a look at the share that far outweighs what it is doing so you’ll be able to see right here that is the 15-minute pattern that is only one commerce setup that this factor gives a 59 as soon as a bunch of settings alright that that earned let’s have a look at yeah ninety-eight pips and never in an entire bunch of time I imply take a look at the dates right here um however you’ll be able to see right here 5:17 take a look at what number of setups we’re getting simply on the sixteenth look on euro yen look what number of in a row we obtained like one minute trades in it 36 out and out and out and out that is what I name the rapid-fire setting so this in take a look at this on euro yen one two three 4 trades inside 5 minutes it pulled 5 ten fifteen 20 pips alright that is what I name the fast fireplace setting hey so that could be a 15-minute pattern that is one group of setting let’s do it and you may see right here say 15-minute pattern brief there is a 15-minute pattern lengthy 15-minute pattern so these are all 15-minute pattern trades okay let’s go to a different one let’s have a look at what this one is alright so let’s go to this subsequent one which is that this one right here these are is there one other group of settings okay it is a related group there is a related time interval identical commerce however simply totally different settings it is nonetheless banks 75 pips in the identical quantity of trades however simply to point out you and this they are not all 5 pip trades you see I’ve obtained it dynamically taking stuff out and I put the cease at 10 pips and however see generally it takes it out at much less if it hits a dynamic stage and you may see that the share continues to be up there round 80% on the trades what’s this one I believe that is one in all Money’s favorites haven’t got as many examples on this one what’s this one that is the prolonged pre-emptive reversal 100% thus far 26 trades six to age 26 pips we had this one off for some time however that is prolonged preemptive reversal simply doing just a few I want we had extra knowledge right here what’s this one right here that is one has earned 89 pips in fort teen trades I like this what is that this one oh that is the 5-minute l1l seven commerce okay I like this one take a look at this this the 5-minute l1l 7 is designed to have pretty tight stops look not one of the stops are greater than 1012 pips okay however look what it is designed to seize from time to time this is a 50 pip commerce on Aussie greenback this is a 50 pip commerce on cable on totally different days this has obtained potential for large hits from time to time okay and that is what that is designed to and within the meantime nonetheless do effectively on the decrease ranges however you’ll be able to see this that is one in all my favourite eye setups the 5-minute l1l 7 and the 15-minute l1l 7 I like this one quite a bit and already in simply 14 trades it is put out 90 pips okay that is one other stuff so I am simply making an attempt to point out you take a look at this we’re getting an alert and there is an alert for five-minute l1l 7 proper now $four you and that is reside and actual I haven’t got my grids as much as present you what it appears like proper now however there’s an ideal instance of getting an alert in actual time now if I say sure let’s simply do that why not all proper you’ll be able to see it it is now ready I mentioned sure but it surely’s ready for a 5 minute inexperienced candle shut on the 5 minute l1l sevens it is best for a 5 minute candle to shut in your route so it is gonna wait a bit of bit and it will enter later and if I’ll neglect about it in all probability enter and and it will get out at revenue or not however right here it’s it will in all probability add to this if it will get in however my it is not entered but however you’ll be able to see that it’s in all proper let me simply pull out of the way in which and this little sideshow okay let’s transfer on that was 5 minute I used to be having fairly thrilling I gotta say after which we’ll get into the right here is an 83 pip 35 pivot raid that is an orange to white commerce it is our orange to white so take a look at this factor 78-75 78 p.c win price hit price we have got 15 20 pips I believe I modified this this was {that a} 20 pips high however discover how they’re at 15 now I modified the stop-loss see there was a 20 like now we’re not doing that anymore I modified it see there’s the stuff misplaced about 20 right here and right here and right here however I modified it to 15 and I believe it labored out good that approach so there’s au to white pulling about 83 pips in a reasonably fairly brief period of time what else we obtained simply displaying you just a few what’s this one right here this one’s 73 pips 39 trades one other Oda white that is with the 5 pip goal fast targets you are getting much more trades that approach take a look at these good good win share proper that is simply this factor proper right here 76 84 p.c of win trades all proper I do not need to solely obtained a pair extra I am simply gonna present you actual fast what’s this one that is an prolonged pre-emptive reversal alright take a look at this 50 pips and 9 trades prolonged preemptive reversal simply solely missed one commerce thus far and that is solely in two weeks the 10th to the 14th that is two weeks this factor’s 50 pips fifty of your pips and two weeks proper there will be prolonged pre-emptive reversals proper there all proper these are all prolonged preemptory for all of the prolonged pre-emptive reversals that have been taken okay let’s have a look at yet another I used to be simply gonna present you actual fast this is 43 pips in 11 trades one other one other model of prolonged preemptive reversal in different settings it is going a bit of greater than 10 pips the one misplaced one commerce however some trades 13 12 pips it is getting in order that’s only a fast temporary look at a number of the efficiency that it has been doing within the meantime let me get on we obtained yet another slide to go guys and we’re performed I instructed you I by no means get performed in 20-30 minutes I imply I attempted however I do not understand how lengthy it has been in all probability like 40 by now have been there any questions in any respect thus far after which we’ll simply get into what we’re gonna do I’ve instructed but it surely’s not a secret most you guys understand how we’re gonna do that any questions in any respect alright truthful sufficient I would actually have a query reply session approaching however let me present you let me present you what we obtained right here your subscriptions going to incorporate the FIB dealer digital buying and selling because you’re gonna get this software program full entry you should utilize that on one laptop or one account okay so that you’re gonna get the total software program package deal you every day life buying and selling within the goal LAIV dealer now what meaning is you are not gonna get something additional so far as the tiger reside commerce room it is nonetheless there likelihood is all of you’re already in there anyway so what I imply by that’s you are gonna get to commerce with it with me reside within the buying and selling room so you’ll be able to have reside buying and selling assist with this day by day as a result of I commerce it day by day so when you’re not already a member of the reside buying and selling room okay then we have to know who you’re and when you’re as a result of the way in which that is proper now it is it is solely obtainable to members so that you’re gonna get to commerce with it reside with us within the room and also you’re gonna get the weekly reside grasp class classes and also you’re gonna get entry to the grasp class video library now one factor I did not put up right here is the primary month goes to be 100% free all it’s a must to do is simply register for members now we have priced this out at 99 kilos per 30 days that nevertheless is just not what you guys are gonna get in at we’re we’re as our preliminary providing we’re gonna do this for Half Value at 49 kilos per 30 days so it is gonna be 49 kilos per 30 days we tried to maintain it inexpensive when you take a look at any of different our different added providers the commerce copier is a few hundred and twenty kilos per 30 days the SMS has a 200 pound arrange and 100 kilos per 30 days most of all are added on providers are 100 kilos a month plus with often with a setup payment we’re gonna have a setup payment going ahead however at first we’re gonna waive the setup payment we’re gonna be the primary month completely free is there any questions on something in the intervening time and I am gonna put your I am gonna put the hyperlink in and I counsel you guys go and enroll and we’ll get you your copy see persons are signing up for the webinar late folks are actually signing up for the web site you guys missed it so that you guys are able to get going proper now right here it’s go forward guys click on the hyperlink you’re getting a free one-month trial with this hyperlink when you learn it click on it cut back say the primary month is free okay so it’s free the primary one after that first month when you determine that you simply need to preserve utilizing it do not should do something after the primary month 49 kilos per 30 days