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Howdy, pricey speculators! My identify is Petko Alexandrov and on this video I want to discuss a bit of bit extra about how we diversify the well being dangers on the variations between sells after we have now a rendered technique or a prepared strategy for buying and selling on one market. How we really change it, how we optimize it and examination it once more on different groceries with the intention to diversify the danger with this technique on the completely different groceries. So, for this function I will likely be applied by one of many methods that we have created whereas I used to be recording this course and that is the technique for the Cable on M15, the place I used to be utilizing the Bulls energy, the expansion dissemination and the Envelope, plus we have now a Cease Loss and a Take Revenue.So, what I’ll do now? Really I’ll swap to USDJPY for instance, and I am fairly happy to notice that I nonetheless have a worthwhile technique with an enormous drawdown in starting however this can change now after we have now optimized the strategy So, after I go to the optimizer I want to vary the steps to five, so I’ll stick with spherical lists. I think about spherical figures after I’m make use of stairs of 5 and 10 and in addition for the aberration% I will likely be applied by 0.10 after which too I want to vary the minimal, so right here will likely be 5 and Envelopes will likely be 5. And for that Cease Loss and Take Revenue is all proper this motion. You may as well test optimizer locates, from right here you possibly can select what to be the Numeric appreciates attain, so I’ll stick with+ – 20. After which I’ll exactly sounds Begin, and as “youre seeing” I’ll have a a lot better achieve method. I am nonetheless above 0.52 revenue per day, which is all proper for me, most drawdown 0.52% which can be all proper for me. After which if I am going again to the editor I could be present in likewise that I’ve a return drawndown to six.15, and right here I’ll do the Monte Carlo with the intention to make certain that this technique isn’t over optimized and as I can see the outcomes are all proper.We have no shedding pretendings. So, that is just about about how I alter it. I merely altered the parameters, do the optimizer with spherical quantities, and I’ve a prepared coverage for the USDJPY market which is very nice. Now I’ll export it. After which what I’ll do? I’ll merely facsimile this from the downloads, it is on my different display, guys. Actually a number of seconds. I “ve introduced” it up over right here, after which I’ll simply comply with it within the folder the place is the opposite technique. I’ll click on on paste. And as you possibly can see right here is the primary programme I’ve popularity it EA Studio Cable M1 5 2091513. That is really the magic quantity and 20 stands for Cable, for GBPUSD, 9 really is my very own coding that I am not making use of longer time frames as filters. So, when I’ve 9 I do know that this technique would not use longer time frames, 15 is the timeframe that I am expending on the coverage and 13 on this case stands for the 13 th hour I’ve generated insurance policies for Cable, for M15. So, what I’ll do now? I’ll merely convert the magic quantity. Now it can say 30 as a result of 30 stands for USDJPY, I’ll body 9, I’ll settle 15 after which I’ll put 13 as properly. And that is one other brand-new Professional Advisor that I’ve for the USDJPY with the identical technique. Then I’ll go and I’ll do the identical for GBPJPY and I’ll go once more to the optimizer and I’ll change once more the efforts to five for the Cease Loss and Take Revenue for the interval of Bulls energy, additionally Envelopes I’ll change to five. And now I’ll change to 10. S, o after I reform additionally the minimal gradation and I click on on begin I’ll have a brand-new technique for GBPJPY And naturally with the intention to use this technique you should have an excellent revenue string that you’ll like.And naturally your Monte Carlo needs to be all proper as properly. And on this technique I definitely don”t just like the big-hearted drawdown, so I can’t use this technique. I’ll go to the following duo and I’ll do the identical factor for all of the pairs and I’ll simply go away the methods that I actually like- the revenue line, the again testing profit method, and those that go the Monte Carlo take a look at. So, that is how I diversify the danger between the completely different enterprise and really what I do is to make use of the identical technique that I compose for one busines I optimize it using spherical quantities 5 and 10 after which if I just like the again evaluation I’ll run it on Monte Carlo and if it is handed, I’ll measure this technique on the demo account.And that is really, chaps, a neater type to make use of one strategy from one market to the opposite market actually with the optimization. Thanks very a lot, guys, for listening. Take care. Bye ..


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