TrenderH4 no. 1 – foreign exchange trading robot backtest


    TrenderH4 no. 1 – MT4 foreign exchange trading robot backtest TrenderH4 professions forex instantly. It is a straightforward trend-following system. When the fad is down, it will certainly market. When the fad is up, it will certainly get. It evaluations prices on the four-hourly( H4) story. It bets just 2% of the note per swap. Backtesting was made with EUR/ USD 2010 -2 012 information. Within the 3-year duration, it tripled $10,000 to $32,692. This refers 3% strengthened swelling monthly or 48% a year. The height drawdown was 20%. The setup is still under development.Stay carolled! Acknowledgments Robot advancement: Video clip: Songs: “The Dive Bump” from