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    Hi dear customers! I am Miroslav Popov andin this video clip we’ll mention screening of Professional Advisors with MetaTrader. This is thesecond component of the video clip. In the initial video clip we exported a technique designated “My New Method” as Professional Expert. If you have actually not enjoyed it, please see it initially. You can locate thelink to the previous spell in certain remarks listed below. OK. We have our Professional Expert andwe will certainly open up the backtester of MetaTrader.Now we need to choose right here our Professional thatwe will certainly wish to examination. If you remember our Professional was created to deal with EURUSD market1 5 mins as well as I will certainly choose right here every tick. I wish it will certainly be one of the most accurate method.OK. I will certainly choose likewise “Aesthetic setting” as well as I will certainly begin the backtester. Currently MetaTraderis filling information. It could make time so I will certainly stop briefly the video clip as well as we will certainly resumewhen the information prepare. OK. MetaTrader laded the information however the backtester quit as well as wesee right here a mistake message. What is revealed right here? “Can not fill adequate disallows. The Professional needsminimum 329 hangouts. Please examine the “Usage day” alternative as well as positioned the “From” as well as “To” consultations appropriately.” What does that objective? Our technique requires 329 prohibits to begin trading however the MetaTrader backtesterloads just 100 prohibits when beginning. Likewise we understand a far better top quality currently of the information. It’s notgood. We have just shut costs right here as well as we do not have bars.What we need to do tocontinue our backtest is to choose a day so we need to make certain that the information is ofgood top quality as well as likewise we have a minimum of 329 rails of information in the backtester however theMetaTrader backtester is sluggish. I assume it’s great to gauge not the entire information extend buta information collection, however some information – for instance in the center of the line. What do we havehere? We require to examine one cycle of entrance. We remains in there calculating 4 times, lowering theposition, as well as likewise we have right here brief access, contributing to the brief going into, abbreviating as well as closing.Let’s examination this duration right here as well as we’ll get the entire technique acts similarly. Sowe will certainly begin our backtesting from September, 8th. I will certainly mark currently “Usage day” as well as 2014, September, 8 as well as for 2 day it suffices. I require right here a couple of days of testing.How various dates we have right here? We open up at September, 8th as well as closing at 15 th of September. OK.No inquiry. So I will certainly begin the backtest once more. Currently the backtester, once more we experience the backtesteris running as well as we … OK. Allow’s see back in Foreign exchange Method Home builder when the placement opens.It opens up in between 6:30 as well as 7:00. It is due to the fact that we have right here bench opening age. We do n’thave the local time of entrances. Allow’s see what takes place currently! We see that MetaTraderalready opened up the settings. And also when? We can be discovered in the log, the backtest log.The firstentry, really this is the lengthy opening at 6:37. 6:37 – It’s precisely in between 6:30 and7. Afterwards we have access at 7:13 as well as 7:34. After 7 as well as after 7:30. Truly great! What’ sthe document expense currently? 1.29386( repeats ), 1.29378. There is some tiny space however this isnot an issue. Really the distinction originates from the various backtesting approach. ForexStrategy Home builder makes use of various backtesting techniques as well as the default approach is pessimisticbut we have likewise Hopeful, Shortest, Nearest as well as Random. We have various talks aboutthat. On the various other hand MetaTrader uses simply one method as well as it is taken care of. So right here the differencecomes from the various interpolation of the information as well as likewise we have possibly a littlebit of a distinction in the marketplace information as well as possibly in the spread. It’s not as well important.We will certainly wait to see the closing. Our closing should begin at … right below. The strategystarts lowering the placement at, after 20:00 on September, 9th. There is time so Iwill time out the video clip for a minute. OK. We are back as well as we fulfill MetaTrader shut ourposition.Let’s see the Journal. Really it began the brief circumstance likewise. What dowe have right here? The technique is lowering the placement at 20 as well as 1 mins. OK. It’s okay.The following intro seeks 20:15, 20:39, it’s alright, as well as the placement closing seeks 21:00.21: 09. Superb. Allow’s see the closing costs. 175. What do we have right here? 175. It’s theexact expense. Afterwards we have brief access. The initial brief get in goes to 20:09, eh, 01. It’s 22:45, 22:45. Verynice as well as the get in costs is … 437, 437. Specific rate. We imagine the backtest is goingwell as well as the outcome will certainly be basically the exact same in MetaTrader as in Foreign exchange Method Builderbacktest.You can quit that. * Rubber duck noise * as well as allow’s see exactly how to do the backtestin MetaTrader5 there is a little distinction due to the fact that the backtester is a little different.This is the MetaTrader5. We do not have right here a switch for opening up the backtester however Ican ideal click the Professional as well as like “Examination”. The backtester opens up as well as I will certainly correct the exact same, however right here is. we need to selected the “Customized duration”. 2014, September, 8th. That’s OK.EURUSD, 15 mins. OK. Onward – No. Typical, Every tick. Whatever is alright, visualization, so allow’s begin! Below the backtester opens up in a different home window. The backtester is runningand it should begin opening up rankings however I anticipate currently to have a larger distinction inthe settings due to the fact that this information is originating from a various web server as well as without a doubt the datawill be various. Yet anyhow, the access should be similar.Let’s see some entrances! OK, we opened up a lengthy placement at 6:37. It’s precise, precisely the exact same time as well as we require to see herefour adds-on. Whatever behaves. Open up at 6:30 as well as 4 ingredients. I remember everythingwill behave with that said backtest. That recommends this video clip. The crucial right here is to setthe beginning time. OK, I will certainly reveal you exactly how the MetaTrader5( backtester) quits when thestarting time is not established. Allow’s begin MetaTrader5, OK, we will certainly see the exact same mistake message hereand likewise in the Journal. “Can not fill rather prohibits!.” – the exact same message. OK, that’s allfor that video clip! Thanks for viewing as well as see you in the following incident! In the following episodewe will certainly mention Professional alternatives as well as trading.