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    Hello there everybody, my name isAnish Singh Thakur, and also welcome to thismost waited for video clip where I was coming maximumcomments for this subject itself claiming that you have actually createdyour configuration that you people justsaw currently. What’s the factor for this and also just how did Iset it up, what are it’s advantages, and also a great deal of concerns, like will not youincur loss, currently you have the ability to dolot of points, and also a great deal extra thingswere there. These are points we’ lldiscuss in this video clip I’ll divid this videoin 2 sectors. Just how did I make it, why did I make it, what was the factor. So allow’s begin. Alright. So, what takes place and also just how does it occur. What is it? It’s simply asimple computer system, this is a CPU. This CPU has extra manufacturings, it has 6 manufacturings. That’s it. No one can explainin extra easier language. This trading setupis simply a luxury configurationcomputer, which I’ll explainyou carefully. There are extra monitorsplaced in it.Why they’re targeted? If you do offering, it assists in numerous timeframeanalysis a great deal. Second of all, it assists in multiplestock see a great deal. I need to see Nifty, Financial institution Nifty as well, U.K sell is opening up, soI need to see that even more. As well as I need to seeVIX also, I need to see a lotof points, I need to see 4-5 points, Dependence incredibly, after that it’s really beneficial. So it works forall such points. So allow me discuss youin information currently, as in technicalconfiguration, that what all shouldbe there in a really greattrading configuration, alright? Alright. So, what isa computer system. Prior to we go aheadand recognize just how to make atrading configuration, allow’s understand what’ sa CPU. CPU, observe, key-board, computer mouse, you all havestudied, it has these 4 points. Key-board and also mousewill offer input, onlooker will displaythe outcome, and also what will CPU do? It’ll time the handling, Central refining device. CPU the major componentof that on which all thingsare mounted, that’s called amotherboard. We are having a Asusmotherboard.It’s a pc gaming motherboard, Z-4 90 on which there are ports. ports. In these very same slotswe target RAM, we house taken care of disk, we organize strong statedevice, we organize cpu, visuals card. So on the whole, it is something likea skeletal system as every little thing will certainly beplaced on it. So it is very important to havea great motherboard as a great motherboard hasmore variety of ports to organize even more visuals placard, even more RAM. If you’ll take a normalmotherboard, you will not have the ability to putmultiple displays. You require a goodmotherboard. Currently after the motherboard, approximating power is of the cpu. We are utilizing i9 cpu. In my previous computersetup I had installedi7 as I assume that was thelatest during that time. As well as currently I have actually mounted i9 as it’ s the most up to date, from Intel. Afterwards exam, RAM is simpleto take, I have actually framework 32 GM RAMin this and also resolved hard drive of1 terrabyte to lean storage.And I have actually putSSD also. of 500 GB as I’ll mount Windows andsome various other creams, they’ll remain in that and also information storage space willbe in this. What’s leftnow is, no demand to inform youabout follower etc., There’s a Courseware follower which’ll keepit amazing, and also allow me leave powersupply and also all. Crucial point in order to dotrading, leave apart trading, it can be beneficial for digitalmarketing, it can be beneficial online forum video clip editor, and also can be beneficial formany individuals. We modified somethingon one billing, we open up various other folder there, do something currently. That’s what youhave to do. So most importantthing is visuals card.Now, the minute events hearthis term they feel it’s suggested justfor graphics, to play games.No individuals. What is a visuals card. Mean you boughtPlayStation 5. Mean you position HDMI to this side ofthe PS, and also the cord towardsthis area is what you connectto the T.V. So it’s providing outputhere to the T.V.How does that occur? Via a cord. So the amount of wires canyou eliminate from CPU? They’re eliminated fromgraphic card of CPU. So if your visuals cardhas ability to offer 4 returns, after that you can use4 displays. So I have actually located 2 graphiccards of 5 GB each from NVIDIA. PNY QUADRO P2 200. So I have actually house graphiccards of 10 GB. 8 returns I have. 8 HDMI wires, or there is a displayboard modern technology which is more recent technologythan HDMI, we can eliminate 8such wires, this is why we misused 6 wires. I can place 2 even more if I wantbut that’s not required, so I’m not placing them. Or else 2 morecan be found. I wish I had the ability to explainyou practically being a non-technical individual that just how needs to a CPUbe created. RAM, taken care of disk, visuals placard, and also cpu, which’s it.And a cabinetis targeted which you can see below, such as this. I have actually take the samecabinet in India. However. of course, it’s almostthe very same. I locate the very same below sothought to acquire this just, I actually suched as thiswhite one. To ensure that’s the technical part. Right. all right, I have n’ttold regarding screens. So there are 4 monitorsof 27 inches each. They are of Dellcompany, which are of 27 inchesand prepared this nature. The upright ones arefrom LG firm. LG checks areof 32 inches. Alright. There aretwo stands, one stand is holdingfour Computers, and also 2 stands are onsides of table which is holdingit this course. As well as cord managementand net. Evidently great internetyou demand. My net’s speedis 800 mbps of the LAN which I’ veput straight. As well as a great key-board, computer mouse, mechanical, and also you are set.I hope I discussed youeverything practically, just how this setupwas created. Alright. So, it agrees to. Currently, why. will not you sustain loss, will you becomeCrorepati currently, are you mosting likely to dolots of trading currently? No people. Look, allow meexplain you. If you do not have this, also I really did not haveit prior to this. I have actually pertained to Dubaifrom October month, November, December, January, February, it’s March now.I have not done itfrom last 4 months. However one of the most terrific tradesof my life I have actually done inDecember and also February. December and also February werevery great months for me. I trade throughone laptop computer. Why I really did not do after that? Allow me inform you. If in your cars and truck. if you drive anormal car, why you desire tobuy a BMW? Even more high-end, even more benefit, right? You hunger for constantly goodthings in your life. Every person does. A being driving BMWaspires to acquire Rolls Royce. Why is that? Every person wantsmore convenience. So currently allow’s startwith why. Can not trading be donewithout this? 100% it can be done. Iused to do without it. However I will certainly obtain an edgewhen this is presented. What’s that edge, letme discuss you that. Inform me something.You understand that all are marketparticipants; sellers, piercing internet worth financiers, and also colleges. The record includes 2 typesof establishments international institutioninvestors, and also residential institutioninvestors. Like Aditya Birla Team, LIC Domestic, Wells Fargo, BankOf America, these are FIIs. So FIIs, DIIs. Do you understand what kindof configuration they have? Far better thanus people. They have far better arrangements, the federal government has betteremployees, even more info, even more fund, they have actually every little thing betterthan us modern technology sensible. So I offered youan instance that take a look at, all this is alreadyhappening we simply do n’tcome to know.Let’s currently speak just how it’ llbe beneficial for me, just how it can be usefulfor you, and also at what phase shouldyou take it. Allow me inform youthis plainly as well. This works, crucial, if I ever before open thechart and also reveal you, gape I have actually make up 4 containers. Whatis various in all of them? Duration. If you are an investor after that you should understand 5 mins. if I talkabout these furnishes, after that 5 mins duration and also 15 minutestimeframe, both these are incredibly importantto see what’s occurring every minute. Often it’s importantto see 1 hr duration incredibly what’s happeningat bigger size, just how is everyday candlebeing arranged if the day is aboutto end.So you need to changeagain and also once again. Second of all, everybody has actually theirown preferred arrangements. Someone usesnaked map, somebody utilizes justtrend line, some peopleuse RSI, some individuals useBollinger Band, some individuals useIchimoku Cloud, some individuals usewhat, I do not understand. I make use of relocating averagesand nude bargain. So I require nude pricein one graph definitely. There ought to n’tbe anything. I require that in both, 5and 15 mins duration After that I need to configuration withmoving averages additionally as I obtain an additional edgeby seeing that.Sometimes I also likeseeing RSI. Often I likeseeing ADX, I need to do lotsof points. Currently in 1 lakhsagain and also once again holding the tradefor that time, leaving winningor shedding busines. That’s refrained. So I’ll do multipletimeframe evaluation, I’ll open up extra points since I have1, 2, 3, 4, 4 plus 4, 4, 4, 4. 16 screensI have individuals, no, 16 lads. Much more 16. 24 displays I. 24 planneds I can enjoy. So, appear, that wasjust an instance. It’s not that I’ll startseeing 24 I’ll open up cinema in someand little in others. 2nd point.Sometimes you. as an example, if Iam trading BankNifty I’m trading onlyBankNifty so I open up 2 chartsof BankNifty. Currently I require tosee Nifty additionally. It depends onNifty also, if a massive falloccurs in Nifty, after that BankNifty eases off or increasesby thinking about sell love. So it is really importantfor me to enjoy BankNiftyalong with Nifty. So timeframe shouldbe because. You all understood that coquets amajor duty in BankNifty. HDFC financial institution, ICICI financial institution, SBI. Mean I have their dataon tvs on the side really I’m seeing simply 5 minutestimeframe. Mean I observe very same impetu iscoming in all the 3, will not I obtain the advantage? Yes I will. Mean I am offering Nifty. I cost Nifty, BankNifty is veryimportant. Dependence limits weightagemore than 10%. TCS. TCS. leave that, just how much does ITmatter for Nifty? Does automobile matterfor Nifty? If I can see graphes ofthat also, just how would certainly it be. If I intend to seeIndia VIX’s volatility, what’s occurring, ifit’s air conditioning off, enhancing I will certainly obtain the advantage. So people, because of suchmultiple premises it is not somethingcompulsory, it is some type of luxuryyou can have for on your own if you are doing itfull time.Because I’m doing thisprofession complete meter, evidently I will certainly do everythinga specialist does. To ensure that is why the setupis below, and also I wish I had the ability to explainit to you people well that in what habits canit serve for you. Alright? Okay, so this is done. This was the whole informationfor you people that why is this essential, just how was it made up. Currently allow me involve otherquestions that you desire, will not you ever before sustain lossafter this? 100% I willincur loss. However the key of stockmarket is to reduce your losses. Alright? As well as maintain them in control. If you have the ability to eliminate actually onething from your trading, large-hearted loss, after that what all willyou have? Recover cost, after that small loss, small benefit, recover cost, huge benefit. Pay attention carefully.Big earnings, small-time earnings, recover cost, small loss, large loss.That’s regarding it? If you justremove this, recover cost is absolutely no, broker agent ischarged, small loss is takenby small-minded earnings, solely larger profitremains.Just by eliminating onething in industry, big-hearted loss is. you can be profitablein the marketplace, yet you’ll definitelyneed big-hearted earnings. What is my technique? I’m sharing merely, nowadays I am tradingvery much less. I’m not also trading. I just deals for one ortwo days in a couple of weeks. I simply wait on my favouritesetups to be created. So my technique is straightforward. I am taking just the highestprobability arrangements. I am entering withgood amount. I am stopping, stopping the functioning day. I am confessing Ilose from market if quit loss impacts twice.Immediately Ithink no, all right, that’s it. No overtrading. As well as I am doing thissince a great deal of dates, and also it’s workingvery great for me. Currently additionally, also ifa negative date comes, I’ll stop it in 2 quit losses.That’s it, that’s so straightforward Often I’m giving up themarket in 1 quit loss, not joking. One quit loss slaps, I was okay, I’m obtaining psychologically unpredictable, I quit offering. Individuals assume they haveto do it daily, they were needed to taketrades whenever. Constantly market is open, I need to remain in the profession is a type of feelingyou obtain. These are the important things you’ veto appeared of. That’s why you require a far better psychologyas well for all these points. So all these points will certainly aid meout in the psychology area. orbit too. Alright? Okay guys.I wish you likedthis configuration. As well as you’ll actually not daydream Idon’t have it, I can not have sex. You can do it quite possibly. You as well make your configuration yet do not make it currently. If you feelthat of course I have actually begun doing thingsin the marketplace, I have actually begun recognizing, after that you go on and also startwith a 2 display configuration. You obtain 4-4 displays also in2 displays in tradingview. After that you go for4 display configuration when you have the ability to usea 2 display setup.Don’ t precisely directlygo for such as this. This is actually. fewpeople will certainly make since when I executed thefirst 4 display configuration video clip, beings keptcommenting, as I was a new YouTuber, the amount of consumers I hadwhen I had 4 displays, I had 3k-4k customers. 2k … 2k … no I simply had1k customers. Yes, I had 1200 viewers when I had 4 displays. As a result of this they wentup to 4k-5k, after that they maintained enhancing. Individuals after that observed sayingthis is a brand-new man, he’s displaying byshowing 4 displays. Individuals, I did terrific tradingby functioning that very same configuration. As well as also today individuals will certainly claim he’ sshowing off this as well. Okay, assume whateveryou desire to.That does not makeany distinction. A celebration “ve been thinking of” an additional identities per what he has in his memory. What you imagine. Primarily it is your very own perceptionwhich produces thw globe. So whoever assume thisis display, welcome, you can thinkme as a flaunt. As well as whoever felt I excused properlywhat works you can recognize just how this can benefita individual in trading. However it’s evident, it will certainly aid you afterreaching at this altitude. If you’re a pupil it will not be helpfulat all. First you need to workon your technicals, you need to workon your technologicals, you need to function onyour danger administration, you need to workon psychology, you need to workon trading hope, you need to workon your way of living. So this action comes afterworking on every one of this. So this is a stagetwo for you all the brand-new individuals. As well as all the experiencedpeople you understand really wellwhat I’m discussing Alright.So, all right. So allow me understand inthe remark box just what you likedabout the video clip, regarding my configuration, and also also if you have any type of concerns aboutthe configuration you can comment that. As well as please concur the channelif you’re brand-new to this. You can see the growthin like 6-8 months. This remained in June/ Julywhen I has 1200 consumers. We had 1200 viewers. It’s 8 months right, 8 months, one-ninth month is currently, we are touching 300 k. We rubbed 3 lakh subscribers.So absolutely this network is providing a lotof great info to people.So please subscribe. As well as individuals if youenjoyed it, and also if you’re a fanof trading profession, if you experience offering andseeing such configuration, if you’re a fanof modern technology, so please share thiswith your good friends as well. This will aid me to reachnew individuals too, alright? As well as yes I understand alot of events amongst you. also last period you were asking for meto offer a connection of assets which. give us a listing, and also since I really did not havea group etc. during that time and also I really did not have the moment. This moment, in the linkto this video clip whatever productsI have actually eaten or their alternativesavailable in India, actually, allow me stipulation youAmazon web link for them which you’ll locate indescription box. If you need youcan chink there and also you can acquire it. Or you can take it’s informationand purchase from an area shop.Whatever you wishyou can do. Okay lads, I’ll see you soonin the really following video clip. Till after that, bye-bye au revoir, make sure, revealed gratitude for.