Titan G27 Foreign exchange Robotic – Blue Edge Monetary (Full Overview)


    Hey that is Adam winnig and welcome andcongratulations on turning into an edge dealer on this video we acquired some reallyimportant stuff to speak to you about if you wish to grow to be profitable as an edgetrader there’s a number of issues that it’s a must to perceive and we’re gonna coverthat precisely on this video primarily what we’re gonna be speaking about is havingthe correct expectations and understanding the underlyingphilosophies and methods behind our firm and our buying and selling philosophy sowith that being mentioned I am gonna reduce over to a video in only a second it was alive webinar that we did the place we talked in regards to the underlying philosophies andthe underlying methods that separate edge merchants then 95% of the retailmarket on the market and the way we’re utilizing methods and philosophies that areused by the establishment’s like the large banks which can be at all times profitable in thisgame so on this video you are gonna study loads you are additionally going to study some ofthe methods of what we truly take into consideration and the way our techniques are actuallyput collectively now this video I will warn you it’s a little bit superior so ifyou do not have a lot foreign currency trading expertise then chances are you’ll need to log intoyour shopper space and undergo the sting Buying and selling Academy first and it will giveyou the foundations it will make every thing actually actually easy and thenthis shall construct upon it as properly now some of these items that we’re talkingabout on this video you can even discover within the sting buying and selling secrets and techniques bookif you’ve got not gotten that and skim that but we extremely extremely advocate that youread that e-book as properly okay so right here we go you are gonna study the philosophiesyou’re gonna study the appropriate expectations we’re gonna present you backtest outcomes so we’re gonna present you ahead take a look at outcomes and the best way to actuallyget essentially the most out of your expertise right here as an edge dealer here is what’s gonna behappening tonight what you are gonna be studying is you are gonna be studying whythe herd at all times loses cash and what to do about it you are gonna study why andhow the sensible cash trades towards the herd notice it justice pump thatcorrect incorrectly you are gonna study in regards to the secret to restricted threat andunlimited reward buying and selling and you are going to study in regards to the elements of aholy grail buying and selling system okay additionally we will discuss an upgraded g7 thatintegrates these Holy Grail elements on the finish in order that’s gonna be reallyexciting so let me let you know how this all got here to be we had not too long ago me and my twopartners we not too long ago landed a few actually actually large offers that we werelook for various buying and selling techniques todiversify and a commerce with a number of techniques with this huge quantity ofcapital and so we began speaking to totally different merchants and we truly cameacross a gentleman that was not solely a foreign exchange financial institution dealer however he was additionally aforex vendor which means that he labored at an precise brokerage so he had uniqueexperience from the retail aspect of issues working with the brokerage aswell because the institutional aspect of issues buying and selling with the banks and when he wastrading with the banks he was answerable for managing tens of millions ofmillions of {dollars} in order you’ll be able to think about he understands some issues thatmost individuals do not so we began speaking to him and he was extraordinarily sharpthere’s nice issues let’s examine the rationale why we began speaking to him andhe gave us his e-book that you simply guys most likely have heard about edge tradingsecrets it was you realize titled one thing totally different that we form of rebranded ithere however he gave us this e-book that fully blew our minds and the way doesthinking about foreign currency trading in a very totally different method and we had thishuge aha second on why the overwhelming majority of retail merchants are shedding and why thesmart cash is consistently and persistently profitable and so as soon as we readthat e-book and we have been reviewing his techniques that had been confirmed we’re likewe must do enterprise with this man it doesn’t matter what and he was he was reallyreally sharp so we’re like we acquired it we acquired to determine a solution to do businessnow once we began speaking with him he mentioned that he wasn’t actually inpartnering with us just because he needed to make use of his buying and selling techniques onlyfor non-public cash administration and utilizing it for his non-public excessive web worthclients and we have been like no we have to get this to our neighborhood we’d like togive this to the entire edge merchants and so lastly after going somewhat bit backand forth have been in a position to give you a cope with him the place he was ready tobasically say hey we’re gonna you realize he mentioned you guys can commerce our systemsbut there is a gonna be a CAC I imply that you would be able to solely commerce with as much as $50,000because he did not need to be at a aggressive drawback and we saidwhatever it takes we do not care like we acquired to be buying and selling along with your techniques andyour philosophy needs to be the background philosophy of our firm and in order that’swhat tonight is all about it is stemming from this carsheamus partnership with any individual with actual expertise not these guys that yousee flash within the fancy checks and you realize lately the place they makethousands and 1000’s of {dollars} on Instagram we’re not speaking about thatwe’re speaking about any individual low key that you simply’d most likely by no means heard ofthat’s handled large large large time cash okay so here is how tonight’s gonna breakdown primary is we’re gonna be reviewingsome of the important thing ideas from the sting buying and selling secrets and techniques e-book since you want tounderstand this with a purpose to perceive how these buying and selling techniques work numbertwo is we’re gonna discuss in regards to the ten keys to a Holy Grail buying and selling system andthe quantity three we’re gonna introduce the upgraded Titan g7 okay if you happen to guysare with me if you happen to’re enthusiastic about this give me a seven seven seven within the chatbox if this all is smart you guys if you happen to’re pumped give me a seven sevenseven within the chat field proper on all people simply ensuring you are still alive andyou’re nonetheless awake there okay all people’s all people’s alive okay solet’s proceed on right here so a few of you guys have learn this e-book by now astrading secrets and techniques and smoking legal guidelines on a Foreign exchange financial institution coach I do not go away theherd and be part of the sensible cash and when you’ve got it once more we extremely advocate thatyou learn this as a result of in loads make much more sense what we’re speaking abouttonight now we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna rip out a few of the most importantkey ideas of that e-book that may construct upon later in tonight’spresentation the very first thing that is attention-grabbing is most individuals when theytalk about foreign currency trading they discuss technical evaluation which is wanting atdifferent indicators or chart patterns to find out the best way to truly analyze themarket and make a commerce if they do not discuss technical evaluation they talkabout elementary evaluation which is mainly studying the information and type oflooking at a broader image of what is occurring within the world economicspectrum however what no person talks about is no person talks about sentiment analysiswhich is mainly the general really feel of {the marketplace} or it is the sentimentanalysis is the behaviors and the positioning of various marketparticipants so for instance sentiment evaluation could be for instance retailtraders are lengthy our retail merchants are shopping for euro US greenback or it might beinstitutional merchants are promoting euro US greenback proper that is the overallsentiment the general feeling of various market individuals areactually doing now available in the market there’s two several types of participantsmainly there’s what’s known as the herd which can be referred to bybankers because the uninformed which is just about each retail dealer that’sout there and there is additionally this different aspect of the retail buying and selling mode which isthe sensible cash that is the inform that is the banks that is the institutionalmoney okay that is the hedge funds and it is actually actually attention-grabbing if wetake a take a look at this graph now if you happen to see this blue histogram right here beneath you’llsee that that is truly the general sentiment of the retail merchants in themarket or within the herd and as you’ll be able to see retailtraders are shopping for okay and so they’re shopping for they’re shopping for they’re buyingthey’re shopping for now what’s attention-grabbing if you take a look at this and the way is thiscalculated you’ll be able to go into my FX e-book you’ll be able to see you realize a pattern dimension oflike I do not know tens of 1000’s or lots of of 1000’s of merchants and youcan see what the general market sentiment is okay now it is interestingbecause retail merchants are shopping for shopping for shopping for as you’ll be able to see right here by thislittle upwards tick proper however is not it attention-grabbing what’s occurring truly inthe market the markets taking place down down down down now what occurs as soonas retail merchants begin promoting promoting promoting promoting promoting promoting whathappens the market begins going up up up up up so the herd and the sensible moneyare continuously coaching towards one another and this occurs nearly alwayslike it is it is it is insane how typically this occurs it is just about at all times nowlook once more on this histogram the retail merchants are the herd is shopping for buyingbuying shopping for and what’s occurring available in the market that market is definitely it’sin a downtrend at this level proper interestingmm-hm once more right here what’s occurring the herd is shopping for shopping for shopping for shopping for andwhat’s occurring right here the market is definitely dipping what number of of you guysfind this fairly attention-grabbing that the herd and the sensible cash are almostexactly reverse within the herd ninety over ninety 5 p.c the time loses theirmoney sensible cash clearly has an ideal observe file is not it attention-grabbing howthe herd is definitely doing nearly precisely what’s improper whenbe attention-grabbing if you happen to simply did precisely what the alternative of what the majorityof retail merchants have been doing you’d most likely have much more success proper sowith that being mentioned there’s additionally one thing referred to as market phases which youmay have heard of at this level okay there’s like what’s referred to as a rangingmarket which is when the market is simply form of going up and down inside a rangeit’s not making any important value hikes or value plummets it is simply kindof on this rain which you’ll be able to see D notated by this crimson field or by these redboxes okay here is one other instance of a ranging market arranging market nowthese sideways or renji ranging or uneven markets the place there is not any trendthis is definitely the place the herd makes their cash okay and it is interestingbecause that is truly the place the sensible cash would not generate profits that is wherethe sensible cash like breaks even or they even lose a tiny bit of cash butthey’re not dumb and so they do not blow their accounts as a result of they’ve goodrisk administration now these blue phases of the market are literally referred to as they’recalled trending phases of the market proper it is the place value is actuallymoving to the next level or to a decrease level and that is the place the herd losesbig cash was due when the market truly begins to pattern okay and thisis truly the place the banks will make the vast majority of their cash is in thesebig trending markets now what is going on on with Titan g7 there’s loads that wecould discuss however when you’ve got been analyzing the market you’ll be able to see thatthe market has been in a just about like a trending or excuse me like aranging or a uneven marketplace for a short while and you realize good techniques they’regonna wrestle somewhat bit throughout these phases and when the market startstrending that is when these techniques ought to do loads lot higher proper so sothat’s that now speaking about market phases proper momentum is identical thingas like a trending market and imply reversion could be the identical factor aslike a ranging market okay a market that is simply form of going sideways okayum the attention-grabbing factor a couple of trending market is that if you commerce atrend you are truly going to have a our profitable proportion versus buying and selling ina uneven market if you happen to’re buying and selling within the uneven market or sideways market you’reactually greater than doubtless gonna have a excessive profitable proportion the interestingthing a couple of trending or a momentum model of buying and selling is that you’re going to actuallyif you do it accurately you’ll be able to have restricted threat however you’ll be able to have unlimitedupside potential reward so long as the pattern truly persists the downfallwith buying and selling in a uneven market is that you would be able to have limitless threat and also you canonly have restricted reward or revenue potential okayas far as long-term sustainability goes in a momentum or trending market you’llactually lose more often than not however we’ll make up for the large as a result of okay so whatdoes this imply this mainly signifies that you realize in a trending model of tradingyour profitable proportion goes to be decrease however you are gonna make up for it byhaving these large threat to reward it model of trades the place you are making you knowexponential reward to your threat okay which is the alternative of buying and selling in likea uneven or a sideways market okay now who makes use of a pattern a buying and selling system or amomentum buying and selling system that is what the sensible cash does okay who trades of meanreversion or in a uneven market that is what the herd does okayand if you happen to learn the sting buying and selling secrets and techniques e-book it goes much more into depth intowhy this truly occurs but it surely has loads to do with the herd psychology andnot with the ability to whether or not you realize a month or two or three months of a flatmarket the place you are not likely earning profits as a result of most retail merchants theyjust need to generate profits each single day they need to generate profits each singleweek and that is nice and all till you blow your account I am gonna discuss aboutlater on okay so within the e-book he provides an instance of a hypothetical instance ofwhat his when he was working on the financial institution is that that is what the banks excuse mewhen he is engaged on the retail brokerage he mentioned that is what thebrokerage would truly seem like so far as their revenue and loss statementand that is what retail merchants with the herds a revenue and loss assertion wouldlook like so for example for instance on 7/2 okay somy second revenue lost- $50,000 because the market is sideways okay that is wherethe establishments and the sensible cash is shedding cash however the shoppers haveactually have a optimistic $60,000 okay so the shoppers are earning profits and thebrokerage is shedding cash now that is an instance of what is referred to as a B e-book brokermeaning that they commerce precise reverse because the shoppers is not that interestingokay now on 7/3 and also you surprise why are these B Berg brokers so worthwhile ofbusinesses properly they only commerce towards the harm or the uninformed cash rightnow shifting on subsequent day the B e-book dealer loses $30,000 as a result of the marketcontinues sideways however the shoppers notice one other the $45,000 in revenue sogood for the shoppers dangerous for the B dealer the sensible cash transfer on to 7-9the market continues to maneuver sideways that brokers down one other $40,000 butthe shoppers notice one other $55,000 okay so general on this sideways market thebroker has misplaced a small amount of cash and the retailer the shoppers have made asmall amount of cash now the market bursts out right into a pattern on July tenth ina sturdy up transfer the dealer makes $400,000 and the shopper sits in $450,000and unrealized losses which is mainly drawdown proper attention-grabbing as quickly as atrend comes come 711 on July 11 the dealer earnings $650,000 because the marketcontinues to go up and the shoppers find yourself getting stopped out of theirpositions that they are holding on to and so they and so they lose mainly $600,000isn’t that attention-grabbing attention-grabbing by merely buying and selling towards what the herd orthe sentiment of the herd is doing Bieber brokers are in a position to haveextremely profitable companies how do you guys discover this attention-grabbing and thisis attention-grabbing you guys give me a seven seven seven within the chat field you guys arefinding that that is like an aha second for you or if that is attention-grabbing to youthat Wow like that is you realize holy crap like no person’s ever put it out like thisfor mere I’ve by no means seen it defined this manner it is it is eye-opening rightmoving ahead the following factor you talks about within the e-book ismoney manipulation okay retail merchants we have all been taught that we wish tobuy low or purchase what it is low-cost and we need to promote what it is increased so whenit’s costly within the problem with this kind of considering is is that we’renot buying and selling with the pattern we’re simply making an attempt to catch the bottoms or the topsof {the marketplace} which may work in a sideways market however as soon as the market goeson a pattern prefer it at all times does then that is the place the herd loses their assokay she’s my additional million okay now one other factor assist resistance righthow a lot have we been taught about assist and resistance properly all people’slooking at supporting resistance and sensible cash is aware of that retail tradersare taught to have a look at assist and resistance and what number of occasions if you happen to’veactually educated have you ever seen assist and resistance break proper it actuallyit occurs the entire time okay in the issue with buying and selling assist resistanceis the truth that properly once more you are not essentially buying and selling with the pattern andthe different drawback is is you are making an attempt to catch the highest so that you’re making an attempt to catchthe bottoms and if the market goes in a trending scenario that is the place you’regonna lose large time okay one other method that the sensible moneymanipulates the herd is with frequent indicators proper frequent indicators likefor instance like an RSI or stochastic that exhibits when a forex is overboughtor oversold okay this the sensible cash is aware of that the entire retail individuals arelooking at this I do know that is oversold it is oversold we’re gonna purchase up rightwell the sensible cash understands that and so they’re simply gonna commerce towards youand that is why over 95% of the herd truly loses moneyokay now win-loss versus threat reward that is one thing that’s justfascinating okay so let me present you some precise proof right here to again up thisstatement okay now this can be a graph that exhibits that is that is truly look atthis one first so this truly exhibits the profitable proportion so out of youknow hundred trades for instance with let us take a look at euro US greenback okay sothat’s that is like proper right here proper out of 100 trades they’re gonna winlike sixty one p.c so the herd is definitely proper sixty-one p.c of thetime how do they lose cash okay if you happen to’re proper 61 p.c of the time youshould be worthwhile proper properly the problem is is that the danger to rewardratio of the herd is horrible okay it is beneath a one to at least one threat to reward ratioand though the herd picks 61 p.c on this time-frame winningtrades they received 61 p.c of their trades they’re nonetheless at a web lossbecause the danger to reward ratio is lower than one to at least one now how essential isactually having a one to at least one no less than threat to reward ratio it is extremelyextremely essential that is attention-grabbing this can be a graph from towards 2014 to2015 it is somewhat bit outdated knowledge but it surely’s the very same just about because it isnow okay now that is what it mainly says okay the crimson field is mainly didyou have they didn’t have a threat to reward ratio excuse me no less than a one toone threat to reward ratio the blue signifies that they’d a one to at least one threat toreward ratio or greater than a one to at least one threat to reward ratio and take a look at thedifference the potential of worthwhile merchants of people who had no less than aone to at least one threat to reward ratio in comparison with this it is nearly like thrice orgreater you actually have thrice or a larger likelihood of being profitablein the market when you’ve got no less than a one to at least one threat to reward ratio okayinteresting proper very very attention-grabbing okay now that is one thing that you simply guysgotta get okay that is one thing that blew my thoughts once I noticed this now mostpeople take into consideration buying and selling as a traditional and we’re gonna get into statistics herea little bit so do not freak out chances are you’ll bear in mind this out of your excessive schoolstatistics class proper a bell-shaped curve proper if you happen to take a look at heights oraverage weights it form of Falls everybody falls on this bell-shaped curvewith the bulk ending form of proper within the middle and fewer on these tailends of outliers proper like for instance for example that the common child is likeseven kilos okay they’re gonna line up proper within the center we’re on the fats endof the tail is possibly like a 13 pound child proper prefer it’s method on the market it’svery impossible or say you’ve like a 3 pound child proper it is realreally unlikely but it surely’s on this different aspect of the story now what’s interestingabout buying and selling within the foreign exchange markets and in any market truly as a matter offact is that it is not precisely a bell-shaped curve it is truly adifferent model of curve I believe they name it like a Gaussian curve orsomething like that and I do not bear in mind precisely it is within the e-book however basicallyto have these fatter tails the place there’s truly the next chance that theseyou know large strikes can truly occur available in the market okay so tail threat this isthe fats tail threat proper let me simply learn this for you tail threat and tail rewardis the supply of heavy losses and heavy features within the monetary markets retailersare incapable obsessing tail threat assessing this tail threat thus theirtrades their commerce kinds and psychology will make them lose they assume that themarket will comply with regular distribution the blue line whereas the fact is themarket is a levy flight the crimson line which means that there is these enormous strikes inthe market that on the dangerous aspect of issues can completely wipe you out on thegood aspect of issues could make you an absolute fortune okay so the tail rewardshould be this aspect of the factor of the graph is the chance of an extrememove that end in an enormous revenue in your place okay the sensible moneyembraces this tail reward in limits the tail threat by chopping their losses shortokay now on the opposite aspect factor the tail threat is the chance of anextreme transfer that may end in an enormous lack of your place retail tradersembrace this tail threat and reduce off the tail reward by holding on to losses andcutting revenue quick proper so by the way in which is that this making sense you guys have thismaking sense in case your fall on me would you please give me a 1 1 1 within the chatbox if you happen to guys are following this we’re I would like to clarify this somewhat bit morein depth okay so it is it is not a bell-shaped curve there’s enormous hugeopportunity for for shedding and large alternative for profitable within the marketthat most individuals do not actually even aren’t even conscious of it is not a bell-shapedcurve it truly has these fats tails so do you guys see how if we couldcapitalize on these fats reward tails and decrease these fats threat tales that wegonna even have loads higher buying and selling system does that makesince she dies by the way in which and that is smart excellent sure within the chat field ifyou guys are falling alongside yeah okay okay all people okay okay so good I justwant to ensure that is smart to you guys then once I first heard thisthis was this was an enormous eye-opener to me proper now that is form of the basicfoundations of this now let’s get into this and discuss somewhat bit morepractically about these key ideas that we simply went over view okaythe ten keys to a Holy Grail buying and selling system okay is there such factor as theHoly Grail buying and selling system and the reply will not be actually but additionally form of okay sowe’re gonna discuss what are the keys that will truly make up ahypothetical Holy Grail buying and selling system okay so let me learn this to you becausethis is essential noting it is somewhat bit lengthy however it’s so essential that youunderstand this pay attention good lengthy good long-term strong techniques are verypsychologically troublesome to commerce on account of an unstable short-term steadiness curvein lengthy drawdown durations most retail merchants need revenue each week or on a regular basis or each month however the market will solely pray pay a premium or an alpha tothe merchants who’ve the psychological energy to commerce troublesome long-term and robustsystems and can punish dealer she tried to rob the market little earnings on a regular basis or each week the buying and selling edge will not be within the system itself however in thetrader psychology and self-discipline to commerce via months of stagnation withno end result however to nonetheless persevere and look ahead to the large developments the standard thatvery few merchants or buyers truly possess the rationale that the gang hasbeen and at all times will lose on the buying and selling recreation is that the sheer psychological strengthrequired to be a profitable dealer is increased than they might ever obtain nowjust understanding that how might you alter your psychology okay understanding that goodlong-term techniques are psychologically troublesome I imply it is troublesome to seeits system shedding you are stagnating for a month or two months or three monthsthat’s troublesome how do you keep it up particularly if you happen to’re taking part in alicensing payment and also you’re paying 150 bucks a month how do you’ve thepsychology or the psychological energy to stay to it it is difficult but when youwanna be the only a few who make the fortunes available in the market then you definitely acquired toget that kind of mentality okay so here is the ten keys to a Holy Grailtrading system let’s go forward and get into it primary is a Holy Grailtrading system if there ever was such a factor would embrace the story reward andlimit the tail threat proper so we’re gonna catch these large strikes in our favor andwe’re gonna restrict these large losses in our favor towards our favor proper so howcould you do that how might we um how might we capitalize on this fats tailwell one factor is by having mounted cease losses proper if you do not have a fixedstop-loss and also you simply let your trades go towards you you run the air ofcatching this fats threat tail proper how might we additionally embrace the tail rewardthings like trailing cease losses proper the place the market actually goes in a trendand you simply hold using this pattern you’ll be able to actually catch the fats tail of thisreward proper um one other factor that we are able to do is use afavorable threat to reward ratio what’s favorable properly one to at least one guysyou have like a thrice increased likelihood of being profitable if you happen to simplyhave a one to at least one threat to reward ratio something even barely above one to onerisk to reward ratio is gonna be actually actually useful one other factor is howcould we catch the embrace the tail reward and the tail threat is followingthe freakin pattern okay following the pattern one of many issues he talks aboutin the e-book is that almost all indicators are crap most indicators aren’t thathelpful however one indicator that’s could possibly be useful is shifting common you knowthat no less than what the pattern what is definitely occurring with the market wherethe pattern truly is okay that is smart how we might embrace the tailreward and restrict the tail threat cool so quantity two that is once more 10 keysto a Holy Grail buying and selling says quantity two is do not use a restricted reward unlimitedrisk system hey okay examples of this martingale okay if you happen to guys aren’tfamiliar with martingale it is merely the place there’s 1,000,000 bajillion boxlike this out within the market and certain if you happen to’re unhappy with you knownot making earnings each month go strive martingale system I assure to blowyour account ultimately why how do I do know that as a result of I’ve accomplished it okmartingale techniques are merely the place if a commerce goes towards you you may continueto enhance your lot dimension in an try and get better the misplaced commerce proper whereyou have take into consideration this with the mini martingale system you’ve a limitedpotential reward however you’ve exponential and also you actually haveunlimited threat okay so if you happen to’re buying and selling any kind of martingale system or anysort of system that progressively will increase your lot dimension as your tradegoes towards you it is simply you are doomed for failure we’re gonna discuss thatlater but it surely’s similar to like I really feel like a calling to attempt to assist as manypeople as potential as a result of so many individuals fall for this entice I fell forthis entice you get sucked into the each day rewards or the weekly rewards in longterm it is simply I imply simply watch watch what’ll occur it is it is not gonna bepretty you are gonna blow your total accountokay grid buying and selling similar kind of similarity okay it is one thing the place youhave limitless threat with solely limitless work utilizing vast cease losses proper if youhave actually actually vast cease losses say you are similar to 250 250 pips dude yougot a lot threat and what’s your take revenue what do you you realize take profits30 pips or one thing you’ve a horrible threat to reward ratio and also you’re reallybound for failure since you’re on this fats tail finish of the spectrum okayaveraging what’s averaging okay price averaging you’ve got most likely heard this asthe market goes towards you you retain like say the market is falling you keepbuying and then you definitely purchase extra and purchase extra and also you’re hoping to catch thebottom of that market but it surely’s only a recipe for catastrophe okay as a result of youagain have limitless threat with solely a restricted Ward does this make sense to youguys if you’re promising me to by no means commerce a martingale system once more in yourlife I sleep please give seven seven seven the chat field if you happen to’refollowing me if this is smart even when it is tougher to commerce an extended termrobust system okay good I simply I actually need to be sure to guys understandthis as a result of it is it is not it is it is simply it is really easy to fall into that trapand there’s so many individuals okay any individual Joshua mentioned he blew his account withthat like Josh one other Joshua – Joshua’s had you realize blew their blew theiraccounts okay so there you go okay something that you simply’re growing your lotsize towards the pattern err towards your place it is simply it is simply not a goodthing okay and you may study the laborious method otherwise you’ll simply pay attention right here tonight okayso quantity three reduce the losses quick and let the earnings run once more that is theten keys to a Holy Grail buying and selling system reduce the losses quick and let the profitsrun okay how might you try this once more we talked about one thing like a trailingstop loss when the market goes in these large trending fashions which it alwaysdoes that method you’ll be able to catch this this fats tail of the reward spectrum okayokay on this market you realize now we have a restricted stop-loss so we’ll take a smallloss however we’re prepared to see it go up and have lots of upside potential okaynumber 4 comply with the friggin pattern I imply come on like take a look at this I imply ifyou need to simply do it the sensible when he does the sensible cash loses somewhat bitof cash or breaks even on the within the trending markets after which when theexcuse me within the ranging market so the sideways Marcus these crimson markets butwhen it begins trending to not mimic all the cash I confirmed you guys the PNL ofthe dealer that is once they make all their cash within the retail loses alltheir cash okay so merely following a pattern is a key element to a holy grailtrading system okay scaling to the pattern because the sensible cash does what does thismean it means if you happen to see a pattern constructing as an alternative of taking your profitswant so as to add positions in to the pattern which can be protected psychologically veryvery troublesome to do as a result of most individuals they can not try this they suppose oh thetrends over like I’ve acquired my cash I acquired my earnings I acquired out of it which a lotof occasions individuals reduce their earnings too quick proper and let their losses run toolong okay so scaling into the pattern because the sensible cash does okay quantity six ishaving a low win price excessive reward buying and selling system okay guys Iexplained this to you earlier proper euro US greenback the retail is aware of the best way to decide awinning commerce they did it sixty one p.c of the time however they nonetheless lostmoney as a result of their threat to reward ratio was method off so one factor to bear in mind ofhello is watch out for techniques which have actually actually excessive win charges however have apoor threat to reward system if you need extra details about that if you happen to’recurrently buying and selling a excessive profitable price system simply learn the e-book all of the mathwill completely make sense to you if you happen to do not already form of get the pictureread the sting buying and selling secrets and techniques e-book okay quantity seven protect capital for therun long term okay this can be a key are you able to protect your capital for the lengthy runmeaning that may you whether or not a ranging or a sideways mark with a purpose to make bigmoney within the trending market okay quantity eight be careful for very smoothbalanced curves okay take a look at this or fairness curves take a look at what’s happeningthis appears so stunning man like if I might simply put my cash in right here I will putin ten thousand {dollars} it is gonna go up 600 p.c supply can go upyeah 600 p.c man I am gonna make you realize sixty sixty grand like wowI’m gonna develop my cash exponentially and look it is so stunning it is sopretty and take a look at profitable 75 p.c of the trades and take a look at the revenue factorit’s two level 5 two revenue issue you realize properly look this that is this isa prime instance of a martingale or an averaging system or grid system or evena hedging system this can be a prime instance of what occurs these sharp decreases inequity once more it is certain to occur you are gonna have these large equityfluctuations and it could look good for some time I am so responsible of this I am soguilty of this that I write you realize I I did this I had grown one in all my accountsby over one hundred percent and I am so grateful that I acquired this data gotout of the martingale techniques as a result of what occurs subsequent is oh that is how themartingale techniques or the averaging techniques find yourself okay and I am almostguarantee any single one no completely do that when you’ve got a real edge tradingedge available in the market then you definitely needn’t manipulate you do not want tomanipulate your possess sighs with a purpose to make it truly workthis is what occurs if you do it chances are you’ll get fortunate for some time however eventuallythis is certain to occur to you it’s extremely troublesome to know when to get out ofthese techniques earlier than this truly does occur to you as a result of it might occur atany time the markets very random okay are you guys following with me does thismake sense it simply is smart give me a 1 1 1 within the chat field give me a oneon-one within the chat field if you happen to guys are following okay okay I similar to I reallylike if all I do if you happen to by no means purchase a single product from us I do not care ifthis simply saves you cash down the highway if you happen to’re different tradingsystems then this will likely be definitely worth the time tonight okay in order that’s quantity eightnumber 9 what’s a key element of a Holy Grail buying and selling system a stablerising fairness curve above the steadiness curve now this was attention-grabbing I did notknow this and nonetheless till we shaped a partnership till I learn the edgetrading secrets and techniques e-book however you truly need to search for a system the place themajority of the time the fairness is definitely above the steadiness curve nowwhat does that imply it means the yellow line is definitely above the crimson line whenyou look on like myfxbook for instance I believe lots of us are conversant in myFX e-book you need to search for a system that truly has a rising fairness as aresult of this now additionally discover that this curve doesn’t look as fairly as thosemartingale or grading or hedging or these averaging techniques it would not lookas fairly it is it is psychologically a lot more durable however in the long run you are gonnabe loads happier he isn’t gonna freaking blowing your accountokay so once more this can be a key that you simply need to search for if you’re analyzingany system okay I do not care if you happen to’re analyzing competitor’s system go aheadand take a look at their fairness curve what does it seem like okay quantity 10 of the keycomponent of a holy grail buying and selling system is lengthy durations of shallow stagnationfollowed by bursts of earnings proper once more look what can we see happeningconstantly right here we see bursts of revenue after which what can we see right here it is it’sstagnating okay this sort of might seem like g7 proper it is like form of down alittle greater proper and it is this era the place possibly it goeson for a month or two months or you realize heck might even go on for 3 monthsand then growth you’ve burst earnings I believe it is shallow and it is shallow lookit’s been shallows round growth burst of earnings rightcuz the market goes from these ranging her sideways phases the place you are justgonna break even are you are gonna lose somewhat bit of cash or possibly you may makea little bit of cash after which growth when the pattern hits that is when goodlong-term strong Holy Grail techniques will truly generate profits okay does that makesense to you guys okay now I simply need to reiterate thisnow that we have went via the ten keys to a Holy Grail buying and selling system let meread this once more to you guys simply to verify on the identical web page good long-termrobust techniques are very psychologically troublesome to commerce on account of an unstableshort-term steadiness curve and lengthy drawdown durations most retail traderswant to revenue on daily basis or each week or each month however the market will onlypay a premium or alpha-2 merchants who’ve the psychological energy to tradedifficult long-term and strong techniques and can punish traitors who attempt to robthe market of little earnings on daily basis or each week it will punish traitors whotry to rob the market of little earnings on daily basis or each week okay even thoughit is likely to be good with the martingale system to see little earnings each dayokay however long-term no okay we already know that we simply went over that thetrading edge will not be within the system itself however within the dealer psychology anddiscipline to commerce via months of stagnation with no end result however stillpersevere and look ahead to the large developments a high quality that only a few merchants slashinvestors truly possess the rationale the gang has been and at all times will losethat the coaching recreation is bound psychological energy required to be a successfultrader is increased than they might ever change what number of of you guys arecommitted to mastering your psychological psychology that you simply’re prepared to acceptright now on this name that look I do know {that a} good buying and selling system might havestagnation durations or might have drawdown durations however in the long run that I canhold on even via a shedding month or via a stagnant month if you happen to’re ableto do that and also you’re gonna be one of many 1% that truly makes cash in themarkets give me a 777 within the chat field that is you if you happen to’re committing to me toeverybody on this name now you are gonna be a long-term profitable dealer thatactually trades with an edge and would not use these you realize cash managementyou know gimmicks then give us seven seven sevens within the okay look everybodyyou guys are superb okay you guys are amazingokay thanks for all of the participation that is incredible okay let’s continuehere okay so the place might we probably discover a system that comes with thetechnique keys to Holy Grail buying and selling system would it not be good if you realize theguys over there Tyler take pleasure in how a lot monetary what if they might actuallylike discover one thing like incorporates all these things in a buying and selling system whatwould that be fairly cool proper properly that is precisely why we determined to partnerwith our associate that was a dealer on the financial institution that wrote this e-book heactually put collectively a system that have been very very impressed with and we foughtand to truly permit him to make this out there to retail merchants like ourcommunity okay so introducing titan g27 titan g27 okaythis is a very upgraded revamped fully new buying and selling system that Ithink you are gonna like so let’s go forward and really dive into it okay nowwhat is the system edge behind Titan g27 properly it is all of the stuff that we talkedabout it is gonna a majority of the time comply with the pattern it is gonna keep inminimal positions in a sideways or a uneven market we’re gonna add twowinning trades in a powerful pattern similar to the sensible cash does it is gonna cutoff the fats tail threat by closing shedding trades rapidly and it should embracethe tail reward okay it is gonna have a minimal variety of easy buying and selling rulestested on giant historic knowledge okay one factor that we discovered with the existingTitan g7 was that it was over optimized okay you used lots of totally different someindicators to get into totally different trades and it was over optimized the place itworked superb throughout a sure time period if you take it out of thattime body it would not carry out as properly okay so having less complicated buying and selling guidelines andif you are various buying and selling guidelines will permit a system to truly grow to be morerobust and that is simply one thing that we discovered from our associate that is thetrigger on the financial institution develop the system okay how does this work what’s theportfolio development like okay it should commerce a complete of 27 differentForex pairs and metals together with gold okay trades gold fairly closely a highdegree of diversification permits for extra secure fairness curve and highrecover means okay it will commerce contract crowd primarily based on marketenvironment one of many cool issues is that ourpartner was in a position to create a customized mainly indicator that may learn theoverall market sentiment of what retail merchants are doing and mainly for themost half do the alternative proper which is it is insanely chilly okay this isn’t acommon indicator you’ll be able to’t purchase that wherever however it’s you realize somethingthat you may discover that it will commerce towards what the herd is definitely doingit stays in small managed drawdown throughout low volatility however can makesignificant threat adjusted return throughout excessive volatility trending markets okay soagain guys bear in mind throughout arranging or uneven market or sideways market thissystem might not make tons of cash chances are you’ll make somewhat bit and it could notlose you realize tons of cash might lose somewhat bit however in the course of the developments is whenwe ought to see a giant outbreak in profitability okay execution reliabilitycross testing on totally different brokers knowledge set should present related worthwhile resultsstrategies not delicate to slide into your server disconnections okay this isone factor that we labored actually laborious on is making an attempt to make techniques that thesystem makes certain it was strong sufficient to commerce throughout totally different brokers wenoticed with Titan g7 that you realize individuals’s outcomes are very greatlydependent upon the dealer so lunamon to to repair that okay here is what the settingswould seem like it’s extremely quite simple it will look similar to the existingg7 you realize nearly precisely the identical they’re going to be a pair totally different URLs thatyou’re gonna need to put in however so far as you realize conservative average andaggressive settings conservative could be about 0.01 per mm the max expecteddrawdown could be round like 20% okay average could be a couple of level on onefor 1500 the max anticipated drawing could be round 30% in an aggressive tradingsystem could be 0.01 per 1000 with a max anticipated drawdown about 40% now how dowe try this Kate if you happen to guys are utilizing any of our techniques you are probablypretty conversant in this you realize it is technique quantity to show it on to trueyou say I need to do level o 1 per mm I need to be conserved I went to 0.01 for2000 I need to be trendy residence 2.0 1 per 1500 proper now the way in which you’ll be able to alsocalculate the max drawdown is that it will be the max will likely be like3000 pips and if you wish to play it additional protected plan for 4000 pipsokay so do the maths when you’ve got a thousand different accounts you are tradingthis lot dimension occasions 3000 pips would that be proper okayand yeah so in order that that is that proper so for instance the best way to calculate that rightwe have a thousand greenback buying and selling account we’re doing level oh one okaylet’s say three thousand pips okay that is $300yes $300 to $400 proper forty p.c of the accounts that is how we calculatethat okay so uh here is one thing else that I believe you guys will respect isit’s not simply we even have ahead take a look at outcomes as properly with this systemthat is is fairly spectacular so let’s go forward and try a few of theseforward examined outcomes okay this can be a ahead take a look at that has been working sincebasically March twenty third you’ll be able to see that it is common month-to-month 8.5% with a maxdrawdown of 9 p.c it is over in any respect accomplished you realize twenty 9 percentyou can see right here the profitable proportion it is not one in all these enormous winningpercentage techniques you realize it has a slight edge available on the market proper and whatis the danger to reward I imply take a look at it 2 hundred and 4 pips is the averagewhen 178 pips is the common loss proper okay so possibly possibly loads totally different ithas it has this working for our favor which we all know we’re gonna have threetimes like you realize round thrice increased likelihood of being cross individuals justby placing this into our favor okay so I yeah that is that is actually good now theinteresting factor about that is that this can be a mounted lot dimension so this hasjust been buying and selling at level zero one so this could be thought of what’s yourconservative proper that is thought of extremely conservative and I can quote theseethics books if you happen to guys need me to to on the finish of it and simply present you thatbut I simply took screenshot so I can I can present you guys that if you need tonow that is one other account that has been working for somewhat bit longerthis has been working fraud since February third I consider in February 2ndis the primary date general it is accomplished 41% and it is accomplished seven level 5 threepercent month-to-month with a drawdown of 5% you’ll be able to see it has home windows fairness curvesagain the place the yellow traces above the crimson linea lot of the time and that is extraordinarily conservative this could be like a pointon one for like $3,500 okay so it is it’s extremely very conservative this tradingsystem and you realize so you’ll be able to set your threat carbon you need to however you seeagain the common wins been 209 pips the common misplaced been 157 pips proper and yousee now we have a 58 to 57 p.c win ratio okay so these are the ahead testedresults which by the way in which what number of you guys suppose that is fairly good how manyguys are enthusiastic about these outcomes if you happen to’re enthusiastic about it you realize one oneone within the chat field okay yeah fairly good proper and once more that is veryconservative you realize most individuals will likely be buying and selling much more aggressively thanthis you realize personally I might most likely do 101 for 1500 I will dosomething extra average proper nurses this is sort of a pointer one for likethirty 5 minutes truly mounted lock okay so shifting on right here again take a look at resultsso let me truly go forward and present you the again take a look at outcomes now clearly theforward take a look at outcomes are extraordinarily essential however so are the again testresults to have the ability to present this over time let’s examine if I can not simply pull thisup right here so let’s have a look right here and I believe the boys are gonna make thisavailable to you guys Joe and Tyler will make this out there to you guys however youcan see right here over since 2007 and possibly relaxation why do not we run it since 2004 wellsince it trades like 27 totally different pairs actually difficult to search out knowledge for someof these extra unique pairs displaying these minor pairs previous 2007 and if you happen to do findthe knowledge bin shirt you’ll be able to go forward and run it on you realize till no matter dateyou have the information from but it surely’s it is you realize good luck you most likely not gonnafind the information for it however as you’ll be able to see you realize it is it is fairly spectacular themajority of the months are inexperienced months there’s lots of months which can be justsmall little earnings and there is some months I’ve large enormous earnings proper youcan see the common month-to-month return for the yr over right here you’ll be able to see theaverage month-to-month this can be a level 1 per mm you see the max drawdown there as wellthis could be thought of conservative this could be thought of average okayyou can see the common month-to-month return over right here for the yr you’ll be able to see thelosing months in crimson sure there are losingmonths okay not loads however you realize there are shedding months you’ll be able to see theaverage there you can even see 0.01 per thousand which might be consideredaggressive you realize you’ll be able to you can even see this you’ll be able to see the stagnationperiod was about 133 days what does that imply it signifies that a brand new fairness excessive forthis time period okay was there is not any new fairness excessive itwas simply flat you realize misplaced little little bit of working gained somewhat little bit of lostlittle little bit of acquire somewhat bit and it was fully flat proper 433 that’slike course for months okay are you able to see why it might you troublesome psychologicallyto commerce a system long run that is an excellent system it is troublesome proper it’snot simple and that is why the overwhelming majority of individuals do not win in themarket is as a result of they do not have that kind of outlook okay and once more we’llmake this out there to you guys you guys can see you realize something in depth thatyou actually need to see we have accomplished lots of the testing already for you guys sothat method you do not have to do it okay now with that being mentioned there arelimitations to again testing hey just like the again take a look at will not be going to equalthe ahead take a look at it is simply it is not okay why notwell there’s variable spreads in for exams and proper on the again take a look at you canset the filth you realize the mounted unfold to love 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 whateveryou need to set it to however in the actual reside market the spreads are fluctuatingsometimes it is lower than 10 generally there’s greater than 10 okay different thingslike dealer commissions aren’t taken into consideration in backtest proper which dohappen in reside ahead markets proper slippage okay throughout like highvolatility or the place costs shifting loads in the course of the information or one thing slippagecan’t happen okay optimistic slippage and adverse slippage the place possibly you knowyou needed to get out of a commerce at a sure level however the you realize itcouldn’t fill your order quick sufficient so it you realize what extra towards you okaythat can occur okay swap charges if you happen to maintain a commerce over thedaily changeover interval you realize these also can are available so this can be a these areback exams proper this isn’t you realize absolute you realize it is gonna moveforward precisely in a matter of truth you are most likely gonna have slightlyworse outcomes proper then a again take a look at end result if you transfer ahead as a result of ofthese unknown variables that you would be able to’t depend in throughout a throughout a you realize youknow a reside take a look at okay so evaluate the ahead take a look at to the again testyou guys can do that by yourself however we discovered that the 4 exams within the backjust truly fortunately they’re matching up fairly properly like they’re notexactly the 4 exams is not pretty much as good fairly pretty much as good because the again exams however itmatching up fairly good and we’re seeing some fairly sturdy correlation betweenthe two okay again testing now you guys are notgoing to have the ability to again to us truly I will have Joe come on right here Idon’t know if we’re making a file out there for again testing however basicallywe’ve needed to do some stuff for the EA safety okay which we have had individuals inpassive tried to love hack our stuff and whatnot and so lengthy story quick you hadto do some stuff to guard the mental property it is protected soyou chances are you’ll not be capable to again take a look at the system the opposite factor that we have doneis we have made the the setup course of loads simpler so it is truly simply goingto be one EA that you would be able to set up on any chart andit’ll begin buying and selling all 27 pairs okay and the rationale we did this was there’sless likelihood of air proper lots of people you realize there are conscious matter so it’sas good as yours Adam or Tyler Joe and lots of occasions they only had the thingsset up improper so we did this with a purpose to assist individuals you realize decrease the humanerr potential proper suitable with each dealer proper we attempt to make asystem that did not actually matter the dealer as a lot so that you would not have thatmuch totally different outcomes with totally different brokers okay